Im wondering if I’m sining at all because usually every day i go on electronics for 8 or less hours every day when we have no school. Im only 14 and have nothing less to do i usually wake up at 9 am and go to sleep at 11 or 12 pm. I stilly pray and do my jobs though.

What do you mean exactly when you say “go on electronics?” At your age, the most important thing is to be a serious student and be reading/studying each day.

When u say “going on electronics”, do u mean gaming/using the PC? But as far as entertainment stuff goes, u should try to keep it in moderation. This is something that u may want to discuss with your pastor.

Anyway, I can’t really say that u are or aren’t sinning, I don’t think any of us can make that judgement, especially if u are only doing this on your days off, and are still able to do everything that u need to do: school work, studying, chores, praying, etc…

Too little information to say whether you re sinning or not. Best to talk to your confessor about this.


Like actually using them for like social media like with my iPod, and computer
. Also i do all my homework, study, and pass all my classes.

If you’re passing all your classes and getting your work done, I’d like to incline to say its okay, but then again eight hours is a long time…

When you saying “passing” your classes, does that mean just doing the bare minimum? Is there more you can do? In all things, do it for God. Strive to do your very best. I know that in my own past I could have done so much better if only I had tried a little harder.

As others have said though, speak to your pastor about it.

Have 3 B-'s and 3 A’s.

Your grades–while very important–are not the determining factor of whether you are sinning or not. Nobody here can answer this question for you. Perhaps rather than asking yourself “is this sinful?” you could ask yourself, “How have I served God today?” If you look back on your day and every hour of it was spent on self-serving entertainment, then you may want to look at reframing your day. Praise, service, education, growth, entertainment, connectedness with others, these are all things we should balance. If you have too much of any one thing then you are drastically limiting your life experience. Just a thought.

You haven’t said why you are asking.
If your mom/dad are telling you to get off the computer, I’d go along with they say.
No point arguing that its not sinful.

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