i put this question here because i connect it with confession

so i am sort of in a relationship, i feel that God may be calling me away from this relationship. i talk to my guy friend about how i am trying to follow God… he knows what my feelings are. at the moment immediate and total cut off does not seem right? i do spend time with this person, have some lunch, take a walk and so on. is it sinful to be occasionally affectionate? such as momentary caress of face or hair, or kiss on cheeks. is this wrong? am i in denial of something? i feel i am open to God’s will for this situation but i could be missing something.

any advice especially from someone who has had a similar situation. i don’t want to hurt or confuse my guy friend, though i think he already is feeling hurt / confused.

Praying to the Holy Spirit to give you guidance.

I will pray for you.

Be open and upfront about where you are and your thoughts. Don’t lead him on. And very quickly decide if you are going to date or not. If you are not going to date, then stop the affectionate touches. Let the man go forward and find someone who is interested in dating with a real objective in mind. Dating isn’t supposed to be an unending process.

If you are feeling called away from the relationship, then end it. If God wants you to date this man, He will tell you.

If you think he’s not the one then tell him now. He will feel more hurt if you string him along and break it off later.

Yes it would be wrong. If he is in love with you, it would be giving him hope when there is no hope. Be honest. I have known a number of women who have remained in terrible marriages and relationships out of a misplaced sense of pity. And yes, I was once in a similar situation years ago. It was painful, but you know what - he survived quite well without me. He married a woman who loved him… They have children. He and I would have ended up in a divorce.

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