Since it's Halloween--Your favorite Monster?

What’s your favorite monster?

For me, it’s Barnabas Collins, the reluctant vampire from Dark Shadows.

I also like the one and only, the granddaddy of the vampires, Dracula, in the Bram Stoker novel and in almost all of his incarnations in movies and tv shows and even on the cereal box!

Gossamer - here’s the linky =

The soldier alien from Alien(s,3,res) is actually my favorite.

That’s a tough one. Just because, I’ll toss out either Frankenstein as depicted in The Monster Squad or the Opera Phantom.


– Mark L. Chance.

George Bush :wink:

:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

Mine is Beetlejuice.


Bella Lugosi’s Dracula. (“I never drink…wine.”)

Billary Flowers Lewinski.

Political Correctness.

Very, very unkind. As a patriotic American, I take offense to this absolutely, as I do to the bashing of former President Clinton. This is a Catholic website, we should all be ashamed of making any type of crude comment about the men and women who lead our countries in these perilous times. Freedom is not free.

C is for Cookie, that good enough for me
want Cookie

My favourite is Boris Karloff as Frankenstein’s Monster.

Hannibal King, the Vampire Detective, from Marvel Comic’s Tomb of Dracula, circa 1975-77

a Phillip Marlowe inspired shamus, who unlike the brat pack vampires of Nick Knight and “Angel”, HK never consumated the curse–which allowed him to team up with and eventualy become friends with Blade (LONG before Blade was played by Wesley Snipes)

Rutger Hauer in “The Hitchhiker”

It’s hard, but I think I’ll have to give it to the golem of Prague.

Honorable mentions include Koshchei the Deathless (Russian myth), Graf Orlock (Nosferatu), the penanggalan (southeast Asian superstition), Great Cthulhu, and the jiang shi (Chinese hopping vampire).

A vampire who hops Chinese? What is up with that? Couldn’t he be foiled by surrounding yourself with non-Chinese?

Personally, I don’t care for scary movies, so I can’t declare a monster as a favorite.

Nope, a Chinese vampire who hops :slight_smile:

Stuart Townsend as The Vampire Lestat in Queen of the Damned

The manticore.
A runner up is the Basilisk

I’ve always kind of had a soft spot in my heart for Lon Chaney Jr’s Wolfman. And I have to admit to loving Barnabas Collins too.

You notice how I like the somewhat lovable monsters.

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