Sincere Apology



I am from Mumbai, India. I know this won’t make a lot of sense but any way I just wanted to say sorry to all the Catholics in the western world.

For along time I have always thought that catholic from the Western world did not take their religion seriously & did not really care much about it either! (Even the media portrays the western world as such)

I just came across this Satanic video on YouTube. After watching it, I came to realize that I was wrong the entire time. It was nice to see that people still continued to pray in-spite of what the Satanist were doing around them. Never have I seen anything like this in India.

I felt really bad about the way I judged all the Catholics in the west. So I just wanted to say SORRY to all of you.

May St. Michael always protect you’ll.


Thank you for introducing yourself and asking St.Michael to protect us. There is nothing to be sorry for. I believe we all pray in spite of the evil around us, Yes the prayer to St. Michael is very powerful. You had someone very special come out of Calcutta, India by the name of Mother Teresa who is as you know a Saint. You shared her with the whole world and we are grateful. May St. Teresa of Calcutta watch over you and yours and may God Bless you.


I’m sure you will find people who do not fully believe and are active in their faith all over.

But many of us care about our Faith, the only One we believe that holds the fullness of Truth, that which is started by Christ Jesus.
The power of God is much greater than any devils!

The media often means to “water down” the Faith, or to portray us as backwards.

I’m not sure if we could say you were at fault so much, it’s the fault of those weak in the Faith and the media for portraying it in such a way.

May St Michael the Archangel, defend us indeed!


That is very kind and appreciated. It is a lesson for those of us who have a hard time acknowledging that maybe we are prejudiced, or have misunderstood others, or who are always right and never say “sorry”.

We do have an issue in some countries in the West due to what we call “secularization” (a widespread abandonment of religion itself, not just Catholicism), but the Church is alive and loving :slight_smile:

God bless you abundantly.


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