Sincere Prayer Android App

I used to have “Sincere Prayer” installed on my Android phone. It is made by mSurf Lab. I took it off to get some space back on my phone, but would like to re-install it. However, I am unable to find the app in the Android Market. I have emailed the developer but haven’t heard a response yet.

Is anyone still using the app? Too bad if the developer has pulled the app.

Hello wish I would have read this thread before I reset my phone I to can not find this app again. have you found it in the mean time?

Nope. I haven’t found it or heard back from the developer. Here is his website if you want to try and contact him:

By the way, what Android phone do you have? I have a HTC Hero but likely upgrading to a Samsung Epic 4G later this month.

I just upgraded my phone with openetna 2.2, and now am unable to find this app.

disappointing as it was very good, especially the pray-as-you-go downloads.

the closest I can find is Mass Readings, but not as good…

I love the Sincer Prayer app.

A link to it can still be found here:

Or scan this with your Android phone:


Great! Thanks for the link. I have it installed.

Thanks for the link, I have installed it. God Bless

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