Sincere question about abortion and fatally flawed foetus


I am a faithful Catholic and I have defended my beliefs to a hostile audience recently.
I really do believe that Jesus forgave my sins and gave me a fresh start.

I felt I needed to say the above as I know how perilously difficult the issue of abortion, in general, is. Needless to say, cases of a fatally flawed foetus are even more difficult.

There was a case in my country, Northern Ireland, recently where there was a woman who had a 20-week scan which revealed that her unborn baby had no skull, and would not survive birth. She made it clear that she wanted to have this baby. Abortion is illegal in Northern Ireland, except for some strict circumstances (a fatally flawed foetus not being one of them), so she travelled to England for an abortion.
There has also been a petition submitted recently by one of Northern Ireland’s politicians to amend the laws of Northern Ireland so that abortions will be permitted in this case.

I do believe that God is our Creator, but what are we to say of human defects? I’ve been reading Thomas Aquinas’ Summa and, to my understanding, he seems to say that our defects (death, blindness and so on) result from the sin of Adam and Eve.

If it had been up to me in the case above, or if it should happen to someone I know in the future, I would support her in her incredibly difficult situation but I would not condone having an abortion because I just think it’s wrong.
I would support her through the rest of the pregnancy, and hope that she would be able to understand one day why this traumatic experience happened.

One of the apologists, I think, Fr. Vincent Serpa, said somewhere that it’s wrong for us to take innocent life but God can take innocent human life. To my understanding, this unborn baby would still be alive. Would this be your position?

I would sincerely like to know your thoughts.

Many thanks,


One may not abort the child. It would be gravely wrong.

Such is the Teaching of the Church …of God.

One loves and supports the mother and child in this terrible suffering.


Yes, of course, I would never withdraw any help I could give, and I would never think of aborting the child.
It’s just such a difficult situation.
I suppose the only proper response is prayer.


I’ve just seen this story on the side …


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In these situations we must let nature take care of itself. We must do what ever we can to preserve life, not end it.

When you start making exceptions and allow murder in some instances, it create a very slippery slope. Where do you draw the line?


Here are my thoughts…

Since Roe v. Wade made abortion legal whole industry developed here in the states. We now abort over 3000 babies a day. The vast majority of them are elective and done for birth control. Many women are pressured into abortions they don’t want. Many clinics are dirty and unsafe.

The case you cite, and others like it, make up less than 1 percent of abortions. Abortion is very big $$$$$$$. These small handful of peoples tragedy is being exploited so a some and become very wealthy.

If you like to read a couple of things you might like to check out is Norma McCorvey’s autobiography and the legal case against Kermit Gosnell. Both are good descriptions of the greed that leads to substandard “health care” that takes places in many clinics.

If you can, put your question on hold, read these cases and then go back to your question and see if it helps you come up with an answer.

God bless you.

P.S. Here is a link to the indictment of Kermit Gosnell:


I can’t tell you how many stories I’ve read of children that were supposedly incompatible with life and not only survived birth but went on to have a happy childhood. I have a mentally disabled relative who was told by a “clinic” that her daughter’s organs were on the outside of her body and she would not survive birth. She was urged repeatedly to get an abortion. Her mother took her to a real hospital and she was told that the baby was perfectly healthy. Her story is that her daughter’s organs miraculously osmosised their way back into her body, but I think the “clinic” deliberately lied to her because they didn’t feel society should be burdened with the child of an unmarried woman on disability.


Yes. Thank you for posting this. It’s about $$$$. Nothing to do with wellness of women and children.


This is an incredible book about a woman who bore her first two babies and brought them to term in spite of their expected deaths.


Exactly. The fact that the baby will only live a short time is no reason to cut that time even shorter. The logic behind such a decision could be applied to a young child with a fatal disease or an middle age person given a short time to live.

No, you can’t condone this type of killing. Yes, you should support the mother but not her decision.


Medical diagnostics are also imperfect; even if there were no other issue, that alone should disallow the abortion.

In any uncertain situation, we must always err in favor of life. To allow a dying fetus to live out the natural process is admirable; to have aborted a life that might have lived is an atrocity.



Very true. Our oldest son was “diagnosed” with Spina bifida or possibly missing part of his brain at about 15 weeks of pregnancy. The OB told us we needed to consider what to do “before it was too late”, but could see a high risk OB if we wanted a second opinion. He told us that in all likelyhood he would die before birth and at best would live a couple days. As we were driving home we both agreed that even if we only had 5 minutes with him it was worth it. We saw the high risk OB maybe a week later and she said he was perfectly health. Here it is 19 years later and hes fine. If we had “taken care” of it based on that initial test and results my son would not be here.


My cousin was told by 5 Chicago docs at 3 top-notch hospitals that her son had deformed kidneys and would very likely not survive to birth and, if he did, would not last long and would need dialysis. All five strongly recommended abortion. She refused. This boy is now 9 and there is NOTHING wrong with him. I wonder how many “deformed” babies were aborted who also were perfectly fine.


I worked with a woman several years ago who carried a child with this defect. Some people told her to her face to abort. They were quite nasty about it. When she finally had the baby, she held him until he breathed his last breath…he died when only a few minutes old. The beautiful thing here is this…all that child ever knew was love. He was not suffering. He was not torn apart or burned out of the womb through some misguided charity, frantically trying to avoid the abortionists weapons. He lived in his mom, who nurtured him and loved him even though she knew full well what he might look like and how this would end up. After birth, he was held and kissed and loved.

Just to illustrate the type of world this is ill add this…besides the parents and siblings of this little boy, I was the only soul at his graveside service. No one from work came because they saw no value in this child or his family. Very sad. And I imagine that boy will greet his brave and loving mom with sweet roses right from the feet of Mary when she finally meets God.


Blessings and thanks for this thread

One thing, and I have thought this re chemical contraceptive meds and the morning after. Most trust their drs implicitly. Never question or research what they say.

In the UK, doctors have the same power as priests used to have here in Ireland. And that indoctrination , for it is that.runs very deep in us, in the UK and here,

Even 2 years ago when I shattered my wrist, I let them do as they suggested without asking too much and have ended up with a deformed wrist as a result of bad treatment.

And since I got off psych meds i check everything online, both the drug firms and the support groups and say NO if I feel right.

Seems the young ones have no idea what "the pill"does to their bodies and especially the morning after pill , and nor will they question a dr who says their child is doomed.

After all,the doctor is as God. He or she really is in their eyes. A refuge and a solution and a wisdom…

"The doctor said… "and it was so!

I have no answer. Only prayer and a deep awareness. and an aching heart…

At least here we care for downs children. There is a pretty thatched roof cafe opposite the cathedral here staffed by adult downs people. They have their own bank accounts etc. In the UK 90 % are aborted

We are facing here a future that may be hard on the unborn…

Instead of a referendum, a Peoples Assemlbly is sitting and now the politicians are at it

repealing would open the gate to freely available abortion here


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