Sinful dreams and control

Many people say that we have no control over our sinful dreams. However, I remember than in two times before, and one this nightI have stopped sinful dream. Two times before, I stopped dreams for wrong reasons (one time because I wanted to save ejeculation moment for later and one time because I didn’t want to go to confession and even in dream I knew I am going to know that I am guilty later). This night, I have dreamt that I am having temptations. I remembered God in my dream. I, however, started doing sinful act, but stopped because I wanted to stop offending God and I wanted not to go to hell. Also, 6 days before, I woke up in sinful dream and, while not being fully awaked, refused to stop doing sinful act. I believe I had control, because one time when I woke up I stopped doing sinful things and I have even made a sign of cross. So do I have control after all? Did I sin? Can I be sure I didn’t?

You can’t sin in your sleep.

When you awake you must be in control of yourself and not carry the dream on.

I don’t think one can mortally sin in dream. If you woke up, did you feel like you had full knowledge and full consent? If so, then yes, it probably is a mortal sin.

One cannot sin in a dream.

Get serious!!! You can’t possibly meet those conditions while waking.

I know, which is why he most likely didnt.

i just want to add that sometimes we dream we have control over our dreams, most likely even that is a dream. so don’t worry about your dreams and continue living hapily.

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