Sinful Dreams Help!

Just recently I’ve been having some strange dreams. In my last dream I was engaging in sexual acts with a girl I knew. In other dreams I see images of nude women and I begin to get sexually aroused. These dreams are full of lust, and sometimes I give into this lust and have intercourse with these women. I do not know why this is happening and I want it to stop immediately! I would appreciate any help on this matter.

There is no such thing as a sinful dream. Dreams, like nocturnal emissions, are outside of the willpower, and therefore, cannot be considered a sin. They are a normal human function, just like passing gas. They may not be pleasant, but there they are.

Try cutting TV watching. Since I have stopped I have had no inappropriate dreams.

yes, although not sinful because you don’t really use your will in dreams…

You need to look at why you are having them.

  1. The flesh…sexual arousal is a part of the human condition and is actually a good thing. (but where have you gotten these images, the idea of “using” women for self gratification and seeing them wrongly)
  2. The world…what have you gotten into ? Pornography and things like that ? AND what steps are you taking to distance yourself from that kind of stuff… It’s all over on tv, movies, books, internet: You know where it seeps in in your life…you have the obligation to curb it. I also recommend putting sacramentals in the home: pictures, crucifixes, statues all blessed by a priest and placed in your home…they help raise your mind and heart to heavenly things. Also get a holy water font for your door in your home…you can bless yourself with this sacramental (and your home) and be under Gods protection.
  3. The demonic…they are angels. Angel means: messenger! They being pure spirit work at the level of thought and can actually bring "messeges to your mind! So it COULD be possible, that these dreams are planted by the demonic as well…in the hopes that when you awake, you will do some impure act!

Keep all of these in mind…because we have to combat all three. You’re not alone! Stay strong and really be willing to go to war for Christ! Impurity starts at the level of thought so use the sacraments, the sacramentals and deepen your prayerlife and biblical study…this will increase the amount of goodness and light and truth in the mind and help to decrease the room for impurity.

God bless

There is no such thing as an “inappropriate” dream! Such a statement is imposing a value judgement upon a normal human function such as digestion.

That being said, our digestion can suffer from an inappropriate diet, just as our psyche can. Watching too much TV, listening to music that is not good for the soul and a variety of other poor psychological diets will certainly afffect the dreams.

Just as food poisoning is our body reacting to toxins in our diet, so dreams can reflect psychological toxins in our environment.


You have been given great advice on how to stop the type of dreams you do have. In addition, you must spend good time in prayers, reading the Scriptures and listening to God. Audit your daily activities. Examine your conscience during your night prayers. If you spend most of your time reading emotional novels, watching pornographic videos and TV channels that advertise nude women, ofcourse your dreams will reflect your occupation. Do all these and surrender yourself to God’s mercy and protection each night before going to sleep. You will certainly have your peace.

I don’t think all these spiritual disciplines, as beneficial as they are, will necessarily “stop” the type of dreams a person has. If the dreams are a reflection of the pollution of the mind and soul, then yes, spiritual disciplines such as these will banish pollution. However, there are some dreams that are just revealing the hidden aspects of one’s own mind, and no amount of externals can change that.

Dan 2:22
2 He reveals deep and hidden things;
he knows what is in the darkness

Dreams are an expression of what lies in the deep, hidden, and “dark” (unknown) parts of the human soul. It is important to be able to recieve them with hospitality, even though they may be frightening or consciously objectionable.

Dreams do not constitute mortal sin. However, it may be that something is evoking them. It can be a very natural thing, it can be something you are exposed to (maybe involuntarily, given this dark, lustful world we live in), it can simply be a time of temptation.

I have found that holy water helps. Perhaps the Night Prayer of the Liturgy of the Hours also could benefit since it directs our soul to God and asks for His kind protection during the hours of night.

I have the same problem sometimes…and then when I wake up, it can be a strong temptation to enjoy the thoughts. I find that praying when I lie down, “Lord, let my thoughts be pure and pleasing to Thee, even as I sleep.” helps a lot. I find that if I wake up and go get a drink of water or something and lie back down without praying again, I may very well have an impure dream. I’m thinking maybe the Lord wants to hear from me that I DON’T want impure dreams; He wants to know that I want to be pure of heart.

There is no sin in dreams. None at all, even in so-called “lucid” dreams. Your will is inoperative while you sleep.

A dream cannot be pure or impure. These are moral terms. Neither can digestion be pure or impure. One cannot assign a moral value to the natural functions of the body.

I agree…there is no sin in dreams. However, the danger for me if I do have a dream with impure content, I am tempted to dwell on it once I am awake.

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