Sinful dreams-maybe mortal sin, maybe not sin at all

I have had a dream about 3 nights ago. In it I was eating small cakes (the one I like very much) and since I have eaten some amount of them, I (it’s still a dream) started to worry about moderation. But then, I started to eat many cakes and do disgousting sexual sins with knowledge that I am sinning. I didn’t care (maybe I even enjoyed in knowledge of sinfulness of my action…). Day after that, I think I woke up from a sinful dream and I “finished it” (sorry if this is vulgar). I wasn’t fully awake, but I did know about sinfulness of my action. Now, this is confusing because it’s maybe no sin at all and maybe it’s mortal sin… Many people say we have no control over our dreams, but how can I be sure? Also, twice, if I am not mistaken, I stopped action in the dream (once because of wrong, evil reasons and once because I didn’t want to go to confession in a dream). So how can I say that I had no control? Also, I have remembered that my actions are against God in my dreams and I have still continued… I have heard that we have no obligation to confess thing for which we aren’t sure are sinful, but what if there is a chance that they are mortal sins?
P.S. Don’t tell me to talk to priest. I will go to confession tommorow and priest won’t have enough time…

Next time you have an impure dream forget about it. Dreams are usually involuntary (unless you know you are dreaming and use that to create sinful things but I doubt you did that…if you are not sure look up’ lucid dreaming’)but thinking about them is voluntary. I do not know what you mean by “finished it” the dream or did you do a sexual sin in real life in order to finish your dream?

Mortal sin requires consent, and we do not have control over our dreams.

I know you don’t want to hear this, but you really must find a priest who can counsel you on your scrupulosity.

By “finished it” I mean finishing act from dream (half awake or in dream or maybe even awake) by masturbation by laying and the stomach.

If we have no control, how could I stop dream twice (once for evil reason, once because of fear of confession in dream)?
What if I had full control, just I don’t remember it?

I don’t think you are accountable for something you did when you were half awake. Mortal sin requires full consent.

You do not seem sure you were awake or still dreaming so I think you are just scrupulous

Wait you stopped the dream? Please elaborate

I think you would remember if you had full control. You seem to care too much to just forget

Have you spoken to your priest yet about your extreme scrupulosity. Every thread you have opened is asking if something is a sin and ever time we tell you no.
If you go through life thinking everything you do or don’t do, think or don’t think, say or don’t say is a sin you will be miserable.
Please take the advice of the many posters in all your threads and get help from your priest. Putting that off will simply prolong your problem.

You were awake, so just confess the sin & try to do better next time.

Do you live near enough to the parish to go see the priest on Monday? Make an appointment, and tell him everything. Then take his advise seriously. You need a face to face discussion with a priest, not us on the internet.
You are working yourself up into a state. Seek good spiritual advice from your Pastor or one of the other priests at your parish.
I wish you peace.

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