Sinful thoughts?

Is it possible for thoughts (which are involuntary) to be sinful?

Here is a scenario: Person A severely wronged Person B and never tried to make things right. Later, Person A gets in a serious accident and is crippled; is Person B sinning if their immediate reaction to the news is “Good, I’m glad he’s hurt”?

If this is a sin, how serious a sin is it?

If he gives entertainment and agreement to these thoughts, than yes, it is a sin, but if they just come into his head as a “gut reaction”, and he lends them no credence or entertainment, then he has not sinned, and in fact, accrued merit.

Benedicat Deus,

If your immediate reaction was “Good, what goes around has finally come around.” and you don’t immediately reject the thought and find sympathy and compassion for someone in trouble, then I believe it is a sin. But if you immediately reject the thought and then positively act to the benefit of the other person, than you do no wrong, but have found a way to prove yourself a child of Jesus. We are only human and cannot always control every immediate thought. It comes down to an act of the will to love over an act of emotion.

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