Sinful to default on credit card debt

I do owe some money on credit cards. Spent beyond my means and was unable to pay. This was over 5 years ago. I do receive calls from time to time from third party bill collectors. The amount is owe is not significant enough that the cc co would take me to court. Being delinquent has damaged my credit. If I never pay, I imagine that the debt will be written off by the cc co. Would this be a sinful act on my part? I consider it unfair that banks were bailed out to the tune of countless billions. Where is the consumer’s bailout? The consumer who owes money is shown no special favor, unless of course you are Donald trump (is constantly declaring bankruptcy and then restructures his debt)

That would be the sin of theft.

You borrowed it, you owe it. If you are in a position you truly cannot pay then bankruptcy is a moral means of establishing a cout ruling on the matter and either having debts restrutured or discharged.

It sounds like you can pay, but have some sort of entitlement attitude like someone owes you something. News flash: no one made you take out credit cards or spend beyond your means. YES you are culpable if you simply neglect to pay.

Call the bank and restructure your debt. Then pay it.:slight_smile:

Big story broke today regarding huge fines JP Morgan chase (have cc debt with chase) must pay, to the tune of 1 billion. It is clear that us banks are not only profiting from “corporate welfare” bailouts, but also engage in highly risky and often times fraudulent trading and banking practices… I acknowledge that I legitimately owe thousands to cred card companies, but I feel that consumers are dealing within a corrupt industry
. Its not all cut and dry. Maybe I can be justified in defaulting on my debt.

Which has nothing to do with you running up credit card debt.

And you asked if it is sinful not to pay: yes.

Which no one made you deal with. YOU took out credit cards.

Yes, it is. No matter how badly you want to tell yourself otherwise, it is stealing.


It’s completely cut and dry. Time to pay up or discuss options with the bank you owe money to. Most will work with you in organising a reasonable payment schedule to clear the debt but not cause you excessive grief in doing so.

Deciding not to honor this debt is quite simply stealing. Yes, cut and dry.

Are you saying that I have to pay an higher interest rate on my credit cards? Interest that was raised because you chose not to pay your debt and the credit card company passed the loss onto me.

What is next, defaulting on your mortgage because your house now is underwater?:shrug:

Individual consumers don’t buy their basic living needs using credit. For consumers, credit is used for the frivolous extras.

Businesses have to go into debt because they need money to start up, before they start receiving an income. They require borrowed money for their initial survival.

If they are successful, they pay off their debts and survive on their income. If not, they go under, and they can’t pay the debts - which means they get bailed out.

I consider it unfair that banks were bailed out to the tune of countless billions. Where is the consumer’s bailout? The consumer who owes money is shown no special favor, unless of course you are Donald trump (is constantly declaring bankruptcy and then restructures his debt)

It may very well be unfair, but it’s not your problem. Your problem is your debt; not Donald Trump’s debt, or anyone else’s.

We all answer for our own actions.
You received a benefit, now its time to pay it back.
You are envious that the govt bails out banks but not consumers.

If I give your friend a gift - must I give you one as well?
If I don’t and you take it upon yourself to couvertly take what is mine why is that not theft?

But more importantly, what drives you to act irresponsibly and live on excessive credit?
Is it gambling, unwillingness to work, greed, a soporific to some personal pain you are running away from, an unwillingness to assume adult responsibilities?

if the debt is over $500, then the bill collector will definitely come after you for it, up to wage garnishment. I know all about this.

Maybe there is some correlelation there. However I believe its more how the credit card industry is able to operate-- they get away with usury plain and simple. Cc companies base the interest rate on a daily revolving credit balance. If u do the math, the yearly interest rate equates to about 85% ( if one only makes the monthly minimum payment)

I can easily settle my cc debt with 50 cents on the dollar. Would this be considered immoral ony part? I borrowed say $1000 and only paying back half

I do not get your point, are you asking me or the other credit card users to pay the other $500?

My credit card debt is being handled by collection agencies who bought my debt from the cc companies at pennies on the dollar. They are willing to accept a certain sum from me and “forgive” the rest of my debt. That’s one way in which the free market system operates and I would be foolish to pay off my full debt when the bill collectors would be willing to settle for half.

It is theft.


No wonder these “evil” banks need government help. :rolleyes: Don’t complain about the banking system when you chose to participate in it and then contribute directly to its disfunctionality.

Morally you owe $1000, but legally only $500. If I were you, I’d pay the $500 to the debt agency and pay another $500 to charity. Clear both your legal and moral debts and stay away from credit cards evermore.

The only one getting away with anything is you. You signed up for credit cards. The terms of your agreement were in the application that you should have read before signing it and sending it back. If the interest rate was unacceptable, then you should have passed on the card, not sign up for it anyway and then accuse the credit card company of wrongdoing when they expect the payment that you agreed to pay. If the company is willing to settle for less than the whole amount then you can take the deal, but that really does not excuse your moral responsibility to pay your just debts.

MY GOD, how is this legal??? This is exactly the same thing as loan sharking!! Its actually cheaper to borrow money from the Mafia LOL.

Geez, I am in the wrong business, I need to look into starting a credit or credit card company, if they can legally charge that much interest, that is the easiest way to make money that has ever been found!!

The OP’s example is not accurate. Don’t be fooled by his exaggeration of the CC terms in an attempt to garner sympathy for not paying his debts.

So you are saying that I am correct. You support your immoral lifestyle at the expenses of the other cardholders.

That is not truemdo not believe his numbers, this guy does not know elemntary algebra and probably this is one of the reasons why he cannot figure out how he got in such a mess.

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