Sinful to sell sport event tickets which were procured as a gift?

I’m assuming that a gift means that one has the right to use, sell or even give away such item. However, to directly profit from gifted tickets may be somewhat unethical or even sinful. Can there be some monetary threshold that makes such a sale more unethical? Selling a ticket for $25 may seem insignificant, but a ticket that goes for $100 may raise questions of a breech of ethics. Should the friend who gifted the ticket find out the beneficiary profited from the sale of the ticket, the friendship could be questioned, the profit may be requested by the original owner, and future gifts would surely stop.

I’m not the judge of what is sinful in this case, but it could certainly hurt the feelings of the gift giver.

I would suppose it would depend. Like if I won a gift, I’d probably be fine selling it. If I a friend bought tickets, couldn’t use them and gave them to me, I think it’d be acceptable to sell them since they really gave them to me so they wouldn’t go to waste. But if a friend gave it especially as a gift to me, not for any matter of convenience, then I probably wouldn’t.

Anyway, just my two cents.

Once someone gives you a gift, it’s yours to do with as you want.

Depending on the circumstances andwhether the donor will know and how s/he would feel, it may be inconsiderate, but it’s not a sin.

Thinking it over a bit more, here’s a good rule of thumb I came up with:

If someone gives you a gift, ask the question “Would they care if they knew I was selling this?”. If the answer is no, then it’s fine.

I suppose that’s a good rule of thumb.


It get repeated over and over in the Dear Abby/Ann Landers-type columns: If I give something to someone else, that person can do whatever they want with what I gave him/her, and it’s none of my business.

I think it would be wise to employ the golden rule.

No, it’s not a sin.

I would relate the investment parable, the one who was wrong was the one that did nothing with the gift but bury it.

Say goodbye to ebay, if that’s a sin.

Things that are not objectively immoral can still be imprudent.

More detail on the situation: my friend has season tickets for the nationals. For two seats I can net $250-300. If my friend can’t attend he usually sells the tickets. If he finds out I sold the tickets I could be persona non grata.

Then I would not sell them. If you can’t make the game, I’d say so.

You could perhaps, offer to help him find someone to buy the tickets and split the money?

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