Sinful to talk of "Peter the Roman"?

Shortly before Pope Francis was elected, I said that the next Pope would be “Peter the Roman”.


*]Before the Conclave, I told my parents, “We’ll know the end is nigh when we have a Pope named ‘Peter the Roman’.”
*]On Tuesday, I asked my mother, “Have they elected Peter the Roman yet?”
I wasn’t being serious, but I already knew full well that the Church had dismissed the Prophecy of the Popes.

I am agonising over whether to confess this or not. Half of me thinks that I would be making a mockery of the Sacrament of Penance by confessing something so silly, but the other half of me is trying to twist it into heretical blasphemy, which I wouldn’t dare to withhold.

Objectively, did I sin by saying that the next Pope would be “Peter the Roman”?

Seeing heretical blasphemy in what you said is seeing sin where none exists. Worse, it’s seeing very grave sin where none exists.

Some of the most useful advice I have received from CAF is to just confess it (any sin), and, if there are doubts, then admit the doubt also. Simple.

The Church has never condemned the Malacy prophecies so it is certainly not a grave sin to speculate on “Peter the Roman”. It could be, IMHO, a venial sin if it distracted one from more important things, such as doing your homework, or praying for the conclave :slight_smile:

It’s nonsense. Talking nonsense can be sinful when we are called as Catholics to be lights of the Light and make disciples of all nations :slight_smile:

Now, what matters is the intention. I don’t see mortal sin here…at all :o To speculate that he may be the last Pope before the second coming of Christ is not an offense to the faith or an insult to the Lord inasmuch as there will be one last Pope, regardless of whether he is Petrus II or not :rolleyes:

But if you feel bad about it, feel free to mention it to Jesus in confession :slight_smile:

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