Sinfulness in music

This may be a totally and unnecessary question but its been bothering me. There is a song that I really like written by a group called “Two Steps From Hell.” The song is totally clean being only instrumental (no words). My question is, is it sinful for me to buy this song? Just because the name kind of alludes to being close to hell. I know that kind of sounds ridiculous seeing as people like Miley Cyrus blatantly blaspheme The Lord and I’m worried about the name of a group. Any way. I’ve not gotten a straight answer about this from anyone so I’m just wondering.

The name itself could be given a good, pious interpretation. For example it could be a person in a state of grace reminding him or herself of how easy it would be to fall back into sin, and thus of the necessity of avoiding near occasions of sin and of relying always on God’s grace rather than on any stoic moral strength we may think we have within ourselves independently.

Of course, I doubt that is really what this group means at least explicitly. Not knowing anything about them though it does suggest to me more of a sense of being precariously on the edge of destruction, as opposed to going boldly and deliberately into that destruction à la ACDC’s Highway to Hell.

As far as whether it would be a sin for you to download the song, that’s a hard call and I would be suspicious of anyone who gives you as straightforward an answer as you are requesting.

There’s not anything sinful about the name Two Steps from Hell. Really, we’re all only about one step from hell in many instances.

…being two steps is a blessing. Perhaps the band members are orthodox Catholics. :shrug:

Have you looked up the lyrics of their songs and seen what they say, or seen the pictures of the group? That should give some indication.

Thank you all. I did some research on them and found that they have been involved in a number of charities as well as have written the music to The Chronicals of Narnia. I’m going to assume that it is not a sin. Thanks.

Sounds good to me.

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