Sinfulness of masturbation to relieve pain

I want to preface this I am single, living in chastity (except when I do slip up occasionally) I haven’t heard this from a woman’s perspective before, and I have no addiction towards masturbation. Although of course it feels nice but I normally have no trouble or temptation towards it. But monthly as I cycle through my hormonal stages, some months I become physically in pain, closest I can describe is what I imagine a man would feel like with a painful erection that just won’t go away for hours, but could easily be remedied with masturbation. I sometimes am kept awake, working out doesn’t relieve it, but the issue doesn’t stop until that part of the monthly cycle is over. I struggle with how this would effect masturbation in this case as being a mortal sin. The intent not being to rebel or find fantasy in objectifying someone else but simply to release the pain. Anyone have grounded answers or advice?


2352 … “The deliberate use of the sexual faculty, for whatever reason, outside of marriage is essentially contrary to its purpose.” …

Does that mean masturbation within marriage is allowed?

We cant give medical advice on here. And morally, you know masturbation is grave matter. I’d suggest speaking with a doctor for your medical issues and a priest for your moral ones.


Medically speaking the cure is simple, masturbate as needed to relieve issue. But being Catholic this solution doesn’t seem feasible. Sadly not all priests advise the same way either, this is why it becomes confusing and brought the issue in this forum for any personal insights. But seems it’s not one of the common reasons to fall into this sin, it’s not d/t lust, or desire but to relieve a physical condition, does the intention affect the culpability of it?

No, that’s not medically speaking the cure. If you are having pain please seek medical advice. A doctor would be concerned about the pain you describe. Please. We cannot offer medical opinions on here but we can advise you to seek care.


… in fact both the Magisterium of the Church - in the course of a constant tradition - and the moral sense of the faithful have declared without hesitation that masturbation is an intrinsically and seriously disordered act.[19]

  1. Cf. Leo IX, letter " Ad splendidum nitentis ," in the year 1054 DS 687-688, decree of the Holy Office, March 2nd, 1679: DS 2149; Pius XII, " Allocutio ," Oct 8th, 1953 AAS 45 (1953), pp. 677-678; May 19th, 1956 AAS 48 (1956), pp. 472-473.


Masturbation is intrinsically evil and gravely immoral. Intrinsically evil means that no intention or circumstance can make the act of masturbation a good act, it is always an objective sin. This teaching is also a dogma which means it’s irreversible.

See a doctor. I do remember reading about a woman with the same issue, almost at least. Something to do with her experiencing arousal symptoms without actually wanting sex.

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Please speak to your Doctor. What you’re describing is a Medical Issue. :hospital:


As an intrinsically evil act, it is to be avoided, even if we have different intentions. Though grave matter would exist, a sin is diminished through mitigating factors such as lack of deliberate will or knowledge of the sin, which can make it venial ad opposed to mortal, though the matter is still grave. The only appropriate use of the reproductive organs in such a manner are the use of them open to life within marriage.

I do suggest seeing a doctor. I do not think this is normal. Further, I suggest not focusing on it (how do you know masturbation would help and not just irritate it further?) and getting your mind on something else to focus on.

No, masturbation is a misuse of the sexual parts of our humanity. It is always sinful, the gravity of that sin depends on intent and if you know it is a sin.

As a woman, I can advise, when you get that urge the very best thing is physical exercise or a cold shower. (I know these are cliches used on men, but, they helped me over many years).

As a man, I’ll take your word for it. As described by the above post, it also seems to go away naturally by itself after the hormonal cycle ends. One of those “pains of life” that some endure that we should offer up.

Two different things here.

First is the strong sexual desire some women experience around ovulation. In some women this urge can be so strong is is like a pain or a deep thirst or a longing for a cigarette (if you have ever been nicotine addicted).

Second is the recommended use of orgasm to relieve cramping during mestruation. That was even suggested in teen magazines back when I was a kid it is so common.

Not that either of these some how remove the sinful nature of masturbation.

There are other remedies.

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Scratching an itchy rash also makes it feel better at the cost of further damaging the person. “Scratch it” is not medical advice an insurance company should pay for.

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I have to agree. I suffered severe physical symptoms related to my cycle until the point at which I had children.

I found that sit-ups were the most effective for pain relief. Running also helped, but I hate to run so I rarely did it.

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I don’t know that this is the case with the OP, but such pain can be quite debilitating, resulting in missed school and work. I used to miss 2 days of school or work each month due to severe pain and nausea. Seeking a moral solution is a good thing.

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Yes, I have no idea what this is like. I was just going off the thread. I do wish to caution against immoral solutions.


See a doctor ASAP

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