Sing or Omit: The Alleluia/Gospel Acc

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I’m almost sure that the Alleluia (or lenten gospel acc.) should either be chanted/sung or ommited (ie: you would never simply recite, it). Does anybody have a document reference for this?

The GIRM says this:

[quote=“General Instructions on the Roman Missal”]62. After the reading that immediately precedes the Gospel, the Alleluia or another chant indicated by the rubrics is sung, as required by the liturgical season. An acclamation of this kind constitutes a rite or act in itself, by which the assembly of the faithful welcomes and greets the Lord who is about to speak to them in the Gospel and professes their faith by means of the chant. It is sung by all while standing and is led by the choir or a cantor, being repeated if this is appropriate. The verse, however, is sung either by the choir or by the cantor.

  1. The Alleluia is sung in every season other than Lent. The verses are taken from the Lectionary or the Graduale.

  2. During Lent, in place of the Alleluia, the verse before the Gospel is sung, as indicated in the Lectionary. It is also permissible to sing another psalm or tract, as found in the Graduale.

  3. When there is only one reading before the Gospel,

  4. During a season when the Alleluia is to be said, either the Alleluia Psalm or the responsorial Psalm followed by the Alleluia with its verse may be used;

  5. During the season when the Alleluia is not to be said, either the psalm and the verse before the Gospel or the psalm alone may be used;

  6. The Alleluia or verse before the Gospel may be omitted if they are not sung.

  7. The Sequence, which is optional except on Easter Sunday and on Pentecost Day, is sung before the Alleluia.

So the term used is “may” - this doesn’t like like it “must” be omitted if it is not sung, but it is permitted.

It may be spoken but it may be omitted if not sung. That’s in the US. In Canada, the rubrics say “If the Alleluia is not sung, it is omitted.” I’ve seen times when the Alleluia is sung but the verse is omitted since there is no one to sing it.

From the other replies that you’ve received, it seems to depend where you are. The GIRM for England and Wales (#63 c.) says “the Alleluia or verse before the Gospel may be omitted if they are not sung.” (The emphasis is mine.)

I never could figure out that line.  It would be hard to omit it if it is sung. :confused:

I’m confused as to why you’re confused.

I always thought the line was pretty clear: If you don’t sing the Alleluia or the verse you may omit them completely rather than speaking them.

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