Sing Rosary

I hope this is where this should be placed… I was listening to the radio a few days ago and caught the tail end of a program with a woman speaker. I don’t know if it was Johnette Benkovic or Barbara McGuigan or someone else entirely. Anyway she was talking about singing the rosary instead of saying it and she mentioned a female singer that she liked. Anyone know what I’m talking about, who that singer might be? The radio-hostess was speaking about how she would loudly sing along while ironing and her kids would come home and tell her to turn it down.

I am assuming it was semi-contemporary rendition of the rosary (in melody only) because she belted out a “Hail Mary” and it wasn’t like what I had previously heard. Ring any bells? Sorry, I tried to google and got nowhere. :shrug:

It might have been Donna Cori Gibson.

THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH!!! This is it! It was bugging me so much, now I just have to buy her music. THANK YOU! :tiphat:

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