Singer Prince dead at 57


Others are reporting this now as well, but figured I’d post the link from those who broke the store. As often with celebrities, TMZ was the first to report this. The singer Prince died today at his studio in Minnesota.

My prayers for him and his family at this time.


I had a little red fast car, it had a cassette player, I used to play “Little Red Corvette” very loud.

Gosh, when did we get middle aged?


BBC has it, too.



Purple Rain was my first concert! I was in middle school


That made me laugh… I saw Prince at the Forum in CA Purple Rain Tour I was 12 , I don’t know how we convinced our parents to let us go


He just appeared so much more ‘dangerous’ and naughtier than Michael Jackson - shows how naïf we were in those days!


He was naughtier than Michael Jackson.

Another performer connected to Prince, Denise Matthews, passed away in February of this year. She was renamed Vanity and was lead singer in the group Vanity 6. She was also 57.

May they rest in peace, O Lord
And may perpetual light shine upon them.



He was also one of the best guitar players around if not all time. In addition to being a great singer. His music will be missed.


I know, huh???


I will not miss a lot of his music. It is reported he could play 27 instruments. He was an innovator in creating sound combinations and textures. An excellent singer.



I know the feeling i’ll be 43 in June :eek: Local radio station that 20 years ago was 50s & 60s oldies is now the best hits of then 70s & 80s airs a classic American Top 40 from the 80s every Sunday morning, what a trip down memory lane as I get ready for Mass. I’m sure I still have the Purple Rain cassette tape some were.


Praying for the repose of his soul.


But he’s not allowed to die!!!


he had so many talents. one of my favorite performers.


God bless


Very! I had literally no idea what some of the words meant it was the music …


So sad that generation of music was the best! brings back so many memories …


I have the “album” ! haha


His innovative music was extraordinarily influential. He was one of the most successful singers in history, having sold over 100 million albums globally. He was a total original, and I am just so sorry to all his friends, fans, and family who loved him and his work.


Well, I don’t recall him ever being accused of.child molestation, unlike MJ. Certainly the image and the lyrics were more.risque though. Very talented musician - loved “When Doves Cry”

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