Singing a 'Gospel acclamation' DURING the Scripture/Gospel reading?


Today we visited a nearby parish after I had remembered the time wrong for our own parish (we rarely attend on Saturdays).

I don’t recall having encountered this before.

During the Gospel being read by the priest, the piano began playing in the background for parts of it, as ‘accompaniment’, then during a pause, we were to sing something about the ‘living water’. Then the priest would resume reading. Again, more pausing for song, in the middle of the Gospel.

It was also a ‘different’ version of the Gospel than either of the 2 recommended versions (the short and longer) ones. I remember one time hearing that more than 2 options were given, but most priests used one of the 2 options given in most missals.

Is the singing common during this weekend’s (or any other) Gospel reading? I just don’t recall it happening before (we were away from the Church for awhile), during this reading or any other.

This is a parish we had been members of at one time, but left due to the true liturgical abuses and no one doing anything about them.(Don’t even ask or get me started.) We went today because I was thinking, it’s nearby, and it had to be better than it used to be. It was, as far as I could tell, for the most part. I might be being sensitive to the differences in this Mass, as opposed to the ones at my parish, or even other nearby parishes (all are NO/Ordinary Form). There are still some of them going on, but I just kept my head down, especially during the time when Father was distributing the Eucharist to the EHMCs…that was a sore spot for me before. I however did not miss seeing the priest holding hands with the altar servers during the Lord’s Prayer, while all standing at the altar. Sigh.



Nope. that’s crazy. On any number of levels.
Let’s not start on types of Masses…
You ended up at a Mass will an ill trained music director and a priest who didn’t mind the nonsense.
Let’s leave it at that.
Just don’t go to that parish again. Problem solved.


Okay, that’s weird. You made me double-check the Liturgical Cycle (we’re in A). The Gospel is the Woman at the Well. If we were in Cycle B or C, I would have thought that they did the Woman at the Well due to the fact that there to be adult baptisms at Easter. But if what you say is true - that’s just weird. And that’s coming from someone who attends (not completely by choice) liberal parish.


Yes, we’re in A. And, if there were catechumens or candidates present for that Mass, it would be proper to have the 1st scrutiny (and yes, even if it were lectionary year B or C, they would have used the readings from year A).

But if what you say is true - that’s just weird.

Not sure what you’re saying here, given your comments about the lectionary. That the musical interpolation was weird? Or that the content of the interpolation – about ‘living water’ – was weird?


Music during the Gospel?

Never heard that before.


Yes, that’s the first thing I did too, check to see if we were in Year B or C.


Either go back to your original parish or, if you see these again, report it to the bishop. It is NOT common in any Gospel reading. In ANY season of the Church, especially Lent. If they so desire to sing about the ‘living waters’, they can do that during Communion or something.


There were no catechumens or candidates present. In this area, they generally come to the Sunday morning Mass.

This is only the 2nd time we’ve attended this parish since we fell away from the Faith, Church and God while attending this same parish (maybe 7 years? Since our sons’ confirmations.). I was thinking in my mind it surely can’t be as ‘wrong’ as I remembered it…

What DID help me get through this Mass was from reading previous posts over the last year on Catholic Answers. I believe that the Eucharist was still valid, and Jesus Christ was truly present. Before, I would get so upset about the mistakes being made, I would have a hard time getting through the Mass. I realized that most people at the Mass and parish probably have no idea that what is being done is incorrect. (People being openly disrespectful to God, each other and the Eucharist however, still does bother me during Mass.) Thank you my friends here on CA for helping me learn that.

For the record, this ‘liberal’ minded parish has long time musical and liturgical directors; the priest seemed more than just a willing participant in this (due to some things he mentioned at the start of the homily, to the pianist). As mentioned, he also held hands at the altar, with the altar servers, during the Our Father, with their hands raised up.

Although, I do believe I was supposed to be at this parish for this Mass. We saw an old friend/acquaintance, and we had a great visit with her afterwards; I think our talk really made her think about things, and may have drawn her deeper into some things in the Catholic Church, especially when I told her about the regular Confessions and confessors at our own parish.


“During the Gospel being read by the priest, the piano began playing in the background for parts of it, as ‘accompaniment’, then during a pause, we were to sing something about the ‘living water’. Then the priest would resume reading. Again, more pausing for song, in the middle of the Gospel.”

Same thing happened at our parish last night; very weird and bizarre. I’d never experienced that before, it just didn’t feel right. It seems every week there is something different and weird going on with the liturgy and music at our parish. I do know in the past this parish had been criticized for skirting around what is liturgically permissible, or so I’ve been told.



A number of years ago before the 3rd revision of the Missal, this was done during lent on the cycle A reading , a musical interlude to emphasis the main points I.e. living water.
It is not suppose to be done any longer, but some liturgist and even priest have not gotten the word or choose to ignore the new protocols.
Dcn Frank


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