Singing along

“Sometimes i wish i’d never been born at all” is a line in what is probably Queen’s most well known song. Not a sin to sing along to it, right? Like whoever plays Don Giovanni in operas doesn’t sin by playing their part, right?

Well, I’m assuming the person singing doesn’t personally agree with what the lyrics say, but rather are more interested in understanding the plight of the person the lyrics are talking about.

You’d be right.

Queen made music that was… certainly not Holy.

The intention does matter A LOT. But I wouldn’t sing it anyways. If not a sin, definitely an imperfection.

Here is how I have been helped by God’s grace. His grace taught me, in ways I can’t relate to you presently, that I should not do anything I would not do in front of the Mother of God and the Holy Spirit. Would I sing those lyrics in front of our Mother? No way. So I sure wouldn’t in front of the Holy Spirit, who is God. So I should never sing those lyrics. Would it be a SIN? Depending on my intention, maybe maybe not. Would it be Holy? No way!

I agree. That is wise advice that should apply to anything we say/do. Even if something is not a sin, it doesn’t mean it’s something holy. Of course, no one is perfect. However, getting into the habit of asking ourselves if this is something I would do in the presence of Jesus or His Mother is a good one indeed. :thumbsup:

I used to listen to popular songs with themes of despair, although I did not despair. Far from it, I was full of faith and hope. Nevertheless, I took some comfort in the “Sad Dudes Theorem,” which says “No matter how bad you think you have it, there are a lot of sad dudes who have it worse, so count yourself among the fortunate,” or words to that effect. I guess that’s why I don’t see a moral problem here.

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