Singing in the choir - how good is good enough?


Our church is rather small with a lay choir of 3-5 women who sing there regularily, on bigger holidays more people join, some of them with an education in classic music.
In the average liturgy, it´s ok, but in the holiday season for example they have problems to build a proper choir.
I would love to join, BUT I have not the best voice. With training I could reach an average good level (I have extreme problems with the high notes) but I didn´t trained since I was a child.
Now my question is what would be better, joining without mucb skill or accepting a really small choir. The problem is that no one would really say “you´re to bad to join”, even if it would sound horribly :roll_eyes:
I had the idea to train myself until I am better and ask then for joining, but I´m sooo lost with doing this myself. I finally got the notes for the liturgy of the hour and the tones in the chrysostomos liturgy, but how to train this without basic theoretical music skills?


Have you prayed to God about it?


It is up to the choir director.


Yes, but we don´t have a real choir director, and If asked, all I would get would be “sure”, even if they wouldn´t like me to join …


Then go for it!!!


There are studies out there (don’t have links at the moment, google will help!) that show singing with other people helps depression, anxiety, is mentally/emotionally good for you!!


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