Singing Italian Nun Wins "The Voice" Italia

The singing nun led the audience in the Lord’s Prayer and asked Jesus to enter here. :smiley: I’m so happy for her and her order. Here is a link to her finale .

I have been following her since she auditioned. I am amazed by how humble and sweet she is and not allowing the show to change her. Still wore her habit all through out. I pray that her presence there made an impact to everyone or at least made them think about their faith.

I did notice J-Ax was tearing up during the audition, does anyone know what was going through is mind?

One thing is still on my mind though, did she get a call from the Pope? She mentioned that on her audition, and now that she has won, I wonder if she has.

I was going to post this the other day and saw the Catholic News Forum has a thread on this: Still, if people don’t go to that area, they may not know this. It is a big story.

I have been following her since her Blind Audition as well, and I haven’t heard that she received a call from him yet. Only a few tweets from the Vatican Cardinal, Gianfranco Ravasi.

Also if anyone uses facebook or twitter here, feel free to “Like” her official Facebook page and Twitter page. :slight_smile:

There’s a couple more threads on this in the Popular Media subforum as well! :smiley:

Anyway, I’m glad she won, too!

This is pretty cool. I saw the video online but it was in Italian. I don’t understand Italian. I was hoping there would be English captions but I didn’t see any.

Which video? For many of them, there are English captions, u just have to turn it on, and switch the option from Italian to “Translate Captions”, and then from there, u can choose English. Of course, I think they use Google Translate, so it’s not the most accurate and can be quite confusing, sometimes.

Those who can sing in Italian actually have an advantage. They don’t call it the language of opera for nothing.

No. I don’t get it. I believe it is wrong. The song “Time of my life” comes from the album “Dirty Dancing.” In Catechism class, they taught us that lewd dancing was a mortal sin, a grave offense against chastity, and you could go to hell for committing a mortal sin. Now why is a Catholic nun singing such a song which could be understood as accepting and encouraging “Dirty Dancing”?
Is dirty or lewd dancing now OK according to the Catholic teaching?

Maybe the Pope watches The Voice during his spare time :smiley:

Just because the song is associated with that movie doesn’t mean that singing the song promotes the contents of said movie. She didn’t even sing the whole song.

Flashdance. Dirty Dancing. Is there much difference? Might as well be a song of Sister Act to illustrate the same point, and it’s not like the Singing Nun singing “Dominique.”

Lewd dancing, of course, will never be acceptable. That said, imo, I didn’t see any of that from Sr. in the video.

I’m not going to say much more about this, but point towards Thomas Casey’s post in another thread about Sr. Cristina:, and re-iterate the fact that she has support from the Vatican. So, if anything, let’s focus in on the positives, and the good that can come from all of this. :slight_smile:

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