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I’ve been trying to get more into singing the Liturgy of the Hours. I think I have a basic handle on psalm tones, and I know the Our Father chant from singing it at Mass. Are there any resources I can use to find tunes for the Magnificat/Benedictus, antiphons, responsories, etc.? Thanks!


Which language are you singing? For Latin, and the daytime hours (Lauds, Minor Hours, Vespers, Compline), Les Heures Grégoriennes is about the best resource. Latin on one side and French on the other, but the Latin is what you’d use. Also Antiphonale Romanum II of 2010, for Vespers of Sundays, Feasts and Solemnities.

For English, the Mudelein Psalter.

If you’re just looking for the tunes for the Gospel Canticles in Latin, Volumes I and III of the Antiphonale Monasticum has them for the entire year and the saints.

The Antiphonale Romanum II and Antiphonale Monasticum can be ordered directly from the Solesmes bookshop

Les Heures Grégoriennes from

Also, Liber Hymnarius for the Latin hymns (they are in Les Heures Grégoriennes as well, but in case you just want Latin hymns)


Thanks! I’m chanting in English. Are there any online resources for free?


I have been singing the Benedictus and Magnificat to the music of Joseph Gelineau. I think they would be particularly good if the psalm tones being used are Gelineau Tones. To make sure the words are what you want, they begin: “Blessed be the Lord, the God of Israel!” and “My soul glorifies the Lord, my spirit rejoices in God, my Saviour.” The Benedictus is on page 32 of “20 Psalms and Three Canticles” sold for $US8 at . The Magnificat is on page 57 of “24 Psalms and a Canticle”. (It is the first of two versions of the Magnificat in this book.) I think you would need to look for a second hand copy of this book. It is also in the hymn book Worship 4th edition, number 121.


What version of the LOTH do you have? Can you read music? In my single volume Christian Prayer book from St. Joseph press, there is music for all the parts of the LOTH.


I have the same book, but it only has the music for the antiphons/responsories/canticle for the Sunday of Week I


Invitatory and intro 1709-1714
Psalm tones and antiphons 1715-1731
Sunday canticles 1732-1741
Responsories 1742-1749
Benedictus and Magnificat 1750-1761
Intercession 1762-1765

Then you get a week 1 sample. It’s abbreviated, but definitely has what you need.


I always wanted to chant the Summae Clementiae.


The Magnificat in the Worship (4th edition), number 121, I referred to above, has an error in stanza 8 line 2. It has three accent marks, it should have two. The second one is there by mistake. The doxology in Worship is different to the one in “24 Psalms and a Canticle”.


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