Singing nun won ‘the voice of italy’ tv talent show
is Sr Cristina’s coming out on the voice approved by the Church? is this what Pope Francis means by new Evangelization…I was thinking if this would contradict the vows of the religious. I was shocked she was allowed to join…but I am happy for her. what do you think?

It’s great.

Any discussion around technicalities of her role is missing the big picture happening before our eyes with this situation.

I hope she takes every dollar the world wants to give her, as it will surely be put to great use.

Sr. Christina has reached many people, young and old, with her joy in The Lord. By using the gifts she has been blessed with she Is doing God’s will. I am so glad she won!

God Bless, Memaw

I loved watching her perform! I posted her blind audition on my FB page and so many friends commented and liked it - the majority were non-Catholics. The Sister’s joy was so evident - it was impossible not to love her! What a wonderful witness! :thumbsup:

And man could she sing! :clapping:

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