Singing OF Divine Office

What are all the books necessary to sing the Liturgy of the Hours (not 1962 breviary) in Latin?
Do books even exist that cover the entire office, even if there is more than one book?
If not, are there books that cover sung Lauds and Vespers?
I know the Antiphonale Romanum II has Vespers, but what about lauds and the other hours?
What is the difference between the above and the Liber Hymnarius?


Try looking for something by solemes.

Also, here’s an english/latin chant book for compline:

I own it. It’s excellent.

I have the Liber Hymnarius. It’s the official Latin hymns of the office for the entire Proper of Seasons, Proper of Saints, and Commons, and the Te Deum. It also includes the Invitatory - Psalm 94/5 and all the Invitatory Antiphons, as well as certain Great Responsories for the Office of Readings.

I know several other books of the Roman Antiphonal have been published, but I’m not familiar with them. I bought the Liber Hymnarius because the hymns in the ICEL Liturgy of the Hours often leave a lot to be desired and leave out of lot of traditional hymnody.

I’ve also heard of a liturgical book----the Liber Usualis. Not sure what the differences are in these different books. This book is $85 or more so I’ve never bought it, though I wanted to. When I chant the Office for myself I use various chants which I learned from a very wonderful priest who chanted the Eucharistic Prayers at Mass from time to time. I also use chants that I learned when I was a cantor. These came from the red “Worship” books from GIA. I use these because they are the ones I think are beautiful and they’re my favorite chants. My order has not mandated any certain way to sing the Office, so I just do what the Spirit moves me to do.:slight_smile:

I did likewise and now use only the Liber Hymnarius for private recitation. The exception being that when praying with the family I go with something out of the Adoremus Hymnal.

On the net:

This is year A ( I know, you knew).


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