Singing of the Nicene Creed


In the misalette, it is stated:
On Sundays and solemnities, all sing or say the Nicene Creed.

  Other than Sundays and solemnities, can the Nicene Creed be sung at any other Mass?


The Creed is omitted at daily Mass - it is neither sung nor said. Or do you mean special Masses such as funerals or memorials?


The Creed, if present, can always be sung, which is always preferable. Sung>not sung.


The Creed is optional for weekday Masses, but is usually omitted.


On weekdays, it is not said. However, it may be added at the celebrant’s discretion for more solemn occasions. These are not actually defined. The GIRM says “particular celebrations” which means that this is not something the priest can do “every day.”

Here’s the GIRM
67. The purpose of the Creed or Profession of Faith is that the whole gathered people may respond to the Word of God proclaimed in the readings taken from Sacred Scripture and explained in the Homily and that they may also honor and confess the great mysteries of the faith by pronouncing the rule of faith in a formula approved for liturgical use and before the celebration of these mysteries in the Eucharist begins.

  1. The Creed is to be sung or said by the Priest together with the people on Sundays and Solemnities. It may be said also at particular celebrations of a more solemn character.

If it is sung, it is intoned by the Priest or, if appropriate, by a cantor or by the choir. It is then sung either by everybody together or by the people alternating with the choir.

If it is not sung, it is to be recited by everybody together or by two choirs responding one to the other.


I believe the Papal Masses, celebrated on other than Sundays, have something like the Latin Credo III sung alternating with the choir. Done very beautifully, I might add.


Yes, the Latin Credo III setting is such a fond memory from the High Masses of my youth. On several occasions I have attended the Latin Mass in the Ordinary Form at St. Matthew’s Cathedral in DC, and having the entire congregation chant the Latin was wonderful.

Are there any English settings for the Creed in common use? I typically experience Mass in numerous parishes over the course of the year, and have never had a choir or congregation attempt a sung Creed.


I never heard any for the old translation. I have heard some attempts to try the new translation in the Credo III setting. But it’s just not the same as the Latin. Different meter, different sounds, etc.


If anyone is interested in purchase of a CD where the proceeds go to a very good cause, I highly recommend the Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles. Their debut album is called “Lean into the Wind” and includes a magnificent organ-chant setting of the Nicene Creed.


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