Singing priest's Hallelujah wows wedding guests

Hi everyone. Here in the UK this wonderful Priest has hit the headlines today!


SINGING Priest! :smiley:

The typo in the title made me expect something very different, so the singing was a happy surprise :wink:

Same here! :smiley:

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Halleluuuuuuuu u uu ujah!

We thought it amazing!
Glad the priest wasn’t “sining”. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing this.

God bless.

I used to love Leonard Cohen when I was agnostic and sexually promiscuous. Cohen included just enough religion in his songs to be tantalizing to people of former faith. But really they were all about sex. “The Sisters of Mercy” is supposedly about prostitutes.

Check this out, its one of the most beautiful weddings ive seen.

While you are proclaiming peace with your lips, be careful to have it even more fully in your heart.”
― Francis of Assisi

Sorry for the typo in the title! There appears to be no way to amend it!

Request sent to moderators to amend the title!:slight_smile:

This is not the typical sin(n)ing priest headline! :wink:

This is not the typical sin(n)ing priest headline! :wink:

Just so beautiful to see and hear. I was thrown off by the title of the post and passed on reading it. Surfing the web I did come across the ceremony and song. Then i posted the url on catholic news forum. Later, a little braver i went back and read the (Sining Priest) thread.

“Tribulation is a gift from God - one that he especially gives His special friends.”
-St. Thomas More

Sining Priest Hits the headlines

Good video. When I saw the thread title “singing” came to mind until doing a double take!

When I first joined the choir, our director put out a newsletter titled, “Saints and Singers”. We got some laughs out of that one.

Yes… see the thread Sining Priest Hits the headlines. :smiley:

It would be acceptable outside of Lent…but it was DURING Lent, so two rules were broken.

  1. Weddings are to be done with LITTLE ceremony during that season (even though a Nuptial Mass is now allowed, it’s still to be cut back on ceremony.)
  2. We are NOT to use the “A-word” (or the “H-word”) in Lent. AT ALL. ESPECIALLY during the Mass.



How could I have missed that for so long? Seems I’m determined to not ever get all of the rules down pat.

God bless, and thanks for letting me know.

Holy Hallelujahs, Batman!..that priest’s got a set of pipes!

He said he made 3 albums and gives the money to charity. I think God will forgive him for his trangression here. As I mentioned in another post, I normally don’t read comments after FB posts or youtubes…can be discouraging, but so many postive for him and from so many that said they weren’t religious or believers but were moved to tears. Whatever the reason they were touched, it wasn’t a bad thing.
I don’t think under normal circumstances you should bring attention to yourself but he had permission and it brought great joy to them and I hope they stay together with many blessings.

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