Singing Santus in Advent


Are we allowed to sing Sanctus in Advent, Lent?


Well, yeah, the Sanctus is present in every Mass.


We went from singing it in English (modern setting) to singing it in Latin (the chant setting that’s pitched uncomfortably high for me) on the first day of Advent. (We also switched the Agnus to the Latin version as well.) I’ve never heard of not singing the Sanctus during Advent.


I consider myself so lucky. We have a soprano who is the choir leader but she sings in a key that is comfortable for pretty much all of us.

We are also doing the Sanctus and the latin Agnus as well.


Yes, the Sanctus is to be still recited (sung/chanted) during Advent - it’s part of the Eucharistic prayer. The only part of the Mass that is omitted during Advent is the Gloria (during Lent, the Gloria is also omitted and the Alleluia is replaced with a simpler Gospel Acclamation).


:eek: Yeek, we are being invaded by the Catholic right! And by the way we are doing the Angus Dei in Latin too and the Kyriae in Greek! Good grief we are going back to the Middle Ages. Definitely corrupt!

I have to laugh, they used to think that doing the same in Lent was a form of penance. Now they think that worked so well that a little penance during Advent wouldn’t hurt us any either. How about a little Aramaic, Our Lord’s own native tongue?

I love it, since I still remember the days when all the Mass was in Latin.

So relax all you " liberals, " don’t begrudge the " conservatives " the occassional bone.



Same for us. :thumbsup:

Prior to Advent, we sang the Gloria in Latin.


Regardless of the liturgical season—
—if you can recite a Mass part then it is appropriate to sing/chant it.


You really should study some of the many Church documents on sacred music, starting with the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy from Vatican II, before making such a comment.


The only thing that is not recited or chanted during the normal days of Advent is the Gloria, but the Gloria is still used on feasts and solemnities (as it is in Lent).

Linusthe2nd - What is corrupt about using Latin chant at Mass?


Linusthe2nd was being sarcastic. Some more liberal minded individuals do frown upon the use of any Latin in mass.


Every time I’ve seen this thread’s title, I’ve read “Singing Santas in Advent” :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


You are lucky. At my parish, singing anything in Latin would be out of the question. “If we can’t understand it, why would we use Latin?” :rolleyes:


I can understand where they’re coming from. It’s a drag to have speech going on, without a clue as to what’s being said. However, God has blessed me with a knack for languages, and there some things with which I’m just as comfortable/fluent in Latin as in English. I wish it were that way for all people.


I think the " Censors " are getting ready to strike again. They may be thinking we are getting too close to questioning the " powers that be. " You never can tell under which rock you will find a little " political correctness. " Above all never question the music - that is a no, no.



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