Singing the gospel

[LEFT]Well this was a first for me. Last night our Pastor, who tends to be a bit of a showman, sang the Gospel. I have never run into this before in my 59 years of being a Catholic. [/LEFT]

I must say it would be a huge surprise for me too.

But check this link:


Is this post a joke? :confused: Singing the gospel is an ancient Catholic custom. I realize that it is not done frequently in some places in recent decades, but surely one who has been a Catholic for six decades has heard this done somewhere??? All of the liturgical books, old and new, have always provided for this. This is the norm at a Solemn Mass.

It was a regular feature of Easter Mass throughout my childhood and teens. Haven’t heard it sung in about thirty years, though.

No joke. I’ve never heard the gospel sang, including during the time I was in the seminary seminary. That is over a span of 59 years including serving as an altar boy back when the Tridentine mass was the norm.

And at every High Mass, the gospel was always sung. Methinks the memory is faulty.

not only allowed but preferred on solemn occasions, and exceedingly traditional. Many priests don’t do it because they can’t.

Proof positive that I am never too old to learn something New.

My pastor – who has a beautiful voice – chants the gospel on Good Friday (along with two cantors), Easter, and Christmas. I think it’s the most wonderful thing ever. It truly makes these most sacred days stand out even more.

Singing the gospel is ancient custom. Our two transitional deacons sung the gospel all during holy week (Chrism Mass, Holy Thursday, Good Friday [passion] Easter Vigil). It really should be done more often.

Heard of it? Yes. Experienced it in 57 years? Sadly, never.

My pastor has TLM and OF masses. He chants the Gospel at both. He is very traditional.

At the Benedictine abbey where I attend Mass, the Gospel, as well as the epistle and the O.T. reading, are all chanted (in French). The Gospel uses a different tone.

This is every single day regardless of the solemnity of the occasion, although all through Eastertide a different, and very beautiful, tone is used for the Gospel that is most appropriate for such a great mystery as the resurrection.

I HAVE GOT to get to Mass where you attend. If I’m heading to Ottawa, from Baie-Comeau, how far off my route is it?

I’d say your a long way off from Baie Comeau, Quebec.

Try Eastern Townships of Quebec, south of ville de Magog, Quebec
If its the same Benedictine Abby I’ve visited several times while I lived in province Quebec.
From Baie Comeau driving on the #20 before Montreal you’d branch off at Drummondville towards Sherbrooke, then Magog south to Saint-Benoît-du-Lac.,0,2917000433146080594&ei=c6u0TZ7ADdG9tgfU4bXpDg&sa=X&oi=local_result&ct=image&resnum=2&ved=0CCAQnwIwAQ

Thanks, that would be off our route but not excessively so, we usually go through Drummondville, preferring the south shore, so branching off to go to Saint-Benoît-du-Lac would add a day to our trip to properly time things. Might give that a try next time I head to Ottawa.

We are privileged to have a permanent deacon who enjoys chanting, and we hear the gospel chanted as often as he is able, without being “fancier” than the priest, iykwim. We get lots and lots of chant during the Easter season, even at daily Mass, and our priest tries really hard, too.

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