Singing the Psalms

Hey all,

I visited a Benedictine Monastery this past weekend and I heard them chant the Divine Office in plainsong. For the past couple days, I’ve been trying to find a resource to help me I’m familiar with many different resources for praying the Divine Office, but I can’t find a resource that actually has the antiphons set to plainsong.

I managed to find the different recitation tones and I read that you choose a mode based on the mode of the antiphon. I just can’t find the plainsong for the antiphons! Can you help me out? Thanks!

The Liber Usualis download is 118 Mbs.

I’ve used this with my schola for Compline.

The Parish Book Of Chant is good, too – though you’ll find more Mass settings, seasonal hymns, etc.

You can download the entire PBC, or just parts, for free.

It is published under the Creative Commons attribution license 3.0, which means that you can copy, distribute, record, or distribute electronic files with no restrictions and no license whatsoever. It is published as part of the commons of the faith.

Chanabel has many responsorial psalms that could be useful.

I belive this is the most complete collection for the office:

Antiphonale, Vesperale, Liber Usualis


Woohoo, jackpot! Thanks, everyone! :thumbsup:

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