Singing the Te Deum alone in thanksgiving before the Tabernacle

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Assuming I have the permission of those praying inside the church at a quiet time during the day (or when alone), is it licit to intone a Te Deum before the Blessed Sacrament? I mean… there are no particular graces or indulgences I wish to receive; to be honest, it’s simply a question about theology and canon law. The intense power of God has inspired me to do this, but I am not sure if it’s right. Is the intoned or sung recitation of the Ambrosian Hymn to be strictly reserved for special processions after Mass, and for special services of thanksgiving?

I suppose the question really is: do I need a priest, deacon, or religious present when singing this 5-6 minute piece in reverence before Christ in His True Body?

There’s nothing wrong with this.

You may sing the Te Deum whenever you want.

Good idea!

Thank you very much, my friend! :slight_smile: Your news gives me great hope. Off I go!

I’m delighted to know that when I kneel in silent prayer in my parish church you will not be there singing! I also pray on behalf of the others in your church that there are not a lot of copy-cats in your parish.

Liturgically the Te Deum is sung at Vigils (Office of Readings) on Feasts and Sundays except Sundays in Lent.

But wouldn’t one of the hymns related to the Blessed Sacrament be more appropriate, like Adoro te, Tantum Ergo, Ecce Panis, for example?

Why are you assuming that the OP will do this in front of others when they are praying silently? There are certainly times when no one else is on front of the Blessed Sacrament at least in most churches.

Sometimes when I’m alone in our perpetual adoration chapel, I’ll pray one of the Hours aloud. And if it happens to be the Office of Readings on a Sunday, Solemnity, or Feast, that includes the Te Deum. If others are in the chapel, I pray the Hour silently.

EDIT: I just noticed that the thread title actually specifies that the OP wants to do this alone. Nothing wrong with that!

Well unless the OP enjoys getting permission from an empty church, he implied there would be others there!

Speaking of that, It might be better not to sing during lent. Although you technically can say it outside of Mass, as with the alleluia, I wouldn’t.

Liturgically it is allowed (actually it is mandatory) at feasts and solemnities during Lent, but not on Sundays in Lent, according to current rubrics.

Oh, ok. I’m still learning about LOTH so bear with me. Thanks for the help!

To the OP:Keep on singing!!

Don’t worry, I made the same erroneous assumption as you when starting out with the LOTH.

But as it turns out the Lenten restrictions are somewhat relaxed during feasts and solemnities, with things like the Te Deum and use of the organ at Mass.

I actually pray the LOTH semi-frequently, I just haven’t looked up many of the more obscure rubrics, and I’ve actually never prayed the Office of Readings, besides at a holy week tenebrae service. So in some ways, I’m new (office of readings), and in other ways, I’m a veteran (MP and EP, Night Prayer).

Thanks for the help!

Absolutely fine to sing the Te Deum in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament anytime, even during Lent. Since you’re not praying liturgically, the liturgical rubrics do not bind.

As for the Te Deum itself it can be prayed at any time, in the traditional office the Matins concluded almost every days with Te Deum.

Singing aloud in the Church alone by your own incentive, regardless of the permission of those who are present, is questionable. The local pastor or the administrator of the church is responsible for whatever happens there. You should ask for his permission.

No, but respect for those who might be in silent adoration does.

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