Single and Alone for Christmas

Well, Jesus is with us, right?

This is a thread for everyone alone for Christmas to unite and commisserate…i mean have fun!


It really stinks, doesn’t it? This is my first Christmas alone in 6 years. (I will admit that I’m only 24 so I can’t complain much). I am very blessed to be able to spend Christmas with my parents though. I will also see my sisters and their families on new years. I always try to put things into perspective. I feel so bad for people who are alone in their own relationships with family, especially spouses and children. To be all alone in a loveless relationship would be terrible.

What are all of you doing to stay busy and make these holidays joyful?

My worst Christmas was when I was single, lived alone, and got food poisoning from the hospital Christmas meal served to employees. I worked on Christmas Eve because I had nothing else to do and wanted to help the families be together. Thought I really wasn’t going to make it and had no one I could call to help (I had a few friends but none of them had cars at the time). Every Christmas since that has been better!


Especially if it is not your choice, my kids are with their boyfriend/girlfriends families today. They will be visiting with me late tomorrow. My exhusband and I are friends, I had hoped he would come and spend time with the kids, but not to be. It is hard, I just wish the season would hurry up and pass.

Me too. Only my close friend “depression” is there. And luckily, my cat. I planned to visist my father, but my car broke down and now the weather is too bad to take the road.

I’ve been struggling all day. I’m ok for a few hours, then I get a bad fit of loneliness and tears well up again, I binge on sweets, fall asleep, wake up, feel ok a few hours, and start again. Not that it’s very different on other days.

For the past few weeks I’ve even been afraid to to Mass. That means finding clean clothes somewhere, washing (eek, water…), getting dressed, and facing PEOPLE. I’m not sure what to do any more. I’m already taking so much medicine and getting therapy.


Pray for me people please. I understand this is my cross and I have to bear it, but it’s so hard sometimes. If I didn’t really love Our Lord I’d have taken my own life a long time ago.

Wow, that really stinks. But I guess the worst is behind you. May you have a wonderful Merry Chirstmas!

aww I’ll pray for all of you. Thanks for sharing your stories. I think for me, although I celebrate out Savior’s birth and everything, once the non-religious signs of Christmas are over (like no more Christmas tunes on the radio) i’ll feel better.

It’s a blessing for me! My family is full of toxic emotionally-abusive people and this will be my first Christmas ever where I will be away from all of them. It’s unfortunate that I don’t have any friends currently in town, but even with that I can’t remember a better Christmas I’ve had since I was a little kid! squeal :bounce:

I will pray for you. I think I can understand.

Please pray for me also, I have a similar experiences and have been fighting the sin of despair again this week.

I find mixing with people very hard because of depression- a simple thing like speaking to a sales person in a shop can be a nightmare and I cant seem to navigate simple social encounters with any ease or grace when I’m like this.

So I withdraw further which becomes a vicious circle.

Makes going to Mass hard.

Most of the time I can go to the quiet early Mass on Sundays with no hymns and only a few older people who are quiet and leave one alone- I can cope with this. I can also go to the catherdral sometimes which is very comforting and quiet.

But today was hard- with the Christmas obligation even the first Mass this evening was packed full, loads of hymns, screaming kids, a fair amount of outwardly “irreverant” behavior, hearty christmas cheer all round. Most people must struggle to understand why that would be so difficult to take.

People who havent experienced depression dont realise how thin skinned you become. Its like having an emotional migraine. Or walking around with no skin- every nerve is exposed.

I just yearn for silence and the ability to pray in a quiet or reverent environment when I am like this.

The NO is quite hard on depressives I think- what with all that participation and mixing / joining in.:frowning:

Hang in there Petite Foireuse. :slight_smile:

Lord, please bless these lonely people with special graces today and for the rest of this holiday. Jesus, be with us tonight in a special way, Help us to feel your presence and love. Give us the strength and grace to renounce the spirits of loneliness and despair. Lead us to friends and loved ones so that we may have companionship. Amen,

Thank you and God Bless you.

Lord, always help us to remember that You too, were single. That the devil (and society for that matter) tempts us into thinking that there is something “wrong” with being single. There isn’t.

And even when You had Your agony in the Garden, even with Your friends just steps away from You, You felt profoundly alone.

Let us always remember that those of us who are single and alone, are more like You in Your earthly life, than we remember.

May that always strengthen us.


I’m single, but I wouldn’t say that I’m alone. It’s a lot better if you can spend it with family, for which I’m very grateful.

BadTurkey, I am like you single but spending the day with family and tomorrow I will be visiting more family. This is my first year without my grandfather we usually visit him for Boxing Day. He died in January, the day before the Haiti eartquake and 2 weeks before his birthday.

BadTurkey, I am like you single but spending the day with family and tomorrow I will be visiting more family. This is my first year without my grandfather we usually visit him for Boxing Day. He died in January, the day before the Haiti eartquake and 2 weeks before his birthday.

Thinking of you all today. Hoping you’re finding some joy having a quiet, contemplative sort of Christmas. Hugs and prayers…

“The Son of Man has no place to lay His head…”

This other thread on Catholic answers was meant for people who because of their losses are alone on the holidays:

I found this to be very compassionate and descriptive of what many people experience at Christmas.
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