Single Catholic Men (celibacy survey)

The Church teaches that if you are single, total abstinence from all sexual activity (with partner or self) is required in order to remain in a state of sanctifying grace.

Before I was married, I failed miserably in this aspect of my life. In fact, I was persistent in my sin, both privately and otherwise. If I had to do it all over again, I would make a sincere effort to live in celibacy until my wedding.

I’m wondering how many single men are successfully living in chastity? And what is your best advice for others who wish to succeed in this most important and often neglected are of life?


ADDITIONAL: It seems I have screwed up the survey by not selecting the “multiple choice option” before hitting the submit button. But I am interested how others have been successful!

It is interesting to see the flood of responses…I’m married but still interested…

I find this poll most interesting. A question arises:

What is your definition of “being chaste” ? Howe “perfect” does one need to be in terms of “thoughts” to “being chaste”.


Chastity for the single man is no sexual relations with either self, (masturbation) or a partner. Kissing your girlfriend goodnight is perfectly fine and NOT a chastity breaker. Stimulation during that kiss (or any other hugging, petting etc) with her. to the point of “release” or even “near release” pretty much throws any chastity claim out the window!

I’m talking celibacy man! How do celibate men do it? I’m interested in how they are able to have so much self control. I know prayer and holy living is an important ingredient for success, but there is still the matter of biology and physiology. The male anatomy has a way of calling for release often in a very similar in a way the body calls for a yawn or a sneeze, both of which can be supressed with practice and much effort. How do celibate men supress the body’s call?

Actually Chastity is no pre-marital sex including no masturbation but after marriage is okay except for masturbation. Celibacy is no sexual relations period and absolutely no form of release.

As for me I have no choice in the matter. I have the outward appearance of Down syndrome so most people look upon me as a retard and treat me accordingly. I’ve never even been kissed romantically and have always been laughed at. This is why I hate the thought of Masturbation being a sin and feel it shouldn’'t be because saying it’s a sin no matter what means no acknowledgment for people in my situation who can’t get a release. Because I know deep in my heart that I will never find a romantic love interest nor do I have any interest in having one.any longer. And I laugh at young people who think they’ll never get into a serious relationship or at their petty problems.

Pray pray pray. And confess when you mess up. I know that doesn’t mean that a man was successful when he had to confess, but it helps toward chastity.

The next time someone treats you like a “retard” you should look them point blank in the eye and tell them about yourself and let them know that you are doing just fine! People can be jerks, especially when they are young. Also, I believe that there is someone for everybody. Get out there and surround yourself with good positive people who will uplift you. You’ll find someone eventually. These days of online dating sites there is no excuse for someone to be alone unless they choose to be alone.

God Bless You!


I’ll admit I’ve made some mistakes. I’ve never had sex before marriage though, and plan on keeping it that way. I want to wait for the right woman.

And you will not regret it…God Bless…teachccd :slight_smile:

Not true at all. Those of us active on the major Catholic singles’ dating sites know that there is PLENTY of reason to be alone. The women don’t respond, even to those of us men who are attractive physically, intellectually, AND spiritually.

CatholicMatch hasn’t produced for me, nor have any other dating sites. At 41…I’m not interested in playing games. Ready to marry. What we have here, is a lack of interested Catholic women between ages 33-38.

So…do I “settle” for a Protestant who is interested in marriage? Or continue to pray, despite my advancing age, that a great single Catholic gal will just magically appear someday SOON? 41 is getting a bit old to find someone who is still young enough to have children… The 30-something ladies know they can get a 30-something guy and may not wish to allow us older gents to pursue. (Their loss.)

Still, more of the younger 30-somethings are still in the playing games stage…not serious about marriage.

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