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Usually we think of St. Anne as being the go-to lady for finding husbands. The Portuguese men and women swear that St. Anthony can find spouses as well as lost stuff. But there was also an old English and French custom of asking St. Catherine of Alexandria to find husbands for women. She was a patron of unmarried women as well as students and philosophers, so you can see why.

One traditional prayer is just about as informal as "Tony, Tony, turn around...." :) It comes from the old chapel of St. Catherine at Abbotsbury in England:

"A husband, St. Catherine;
A handsome one, St. Catherine;
A rich one, St. Catherine;
A nice one, St. Catherine;
And soon, St. Catherine!"

So since November 25 is St. Catherine's Day, and some folks here sound like they want to meet somebody....

There are some more dignified prayers here:


I’ve heard this one:

St. Anne, St. Anne
Find me a man!


Dear, St. Anne,
Dear, St. Anne,
Send me a man
Fast as you can!


I love that prayer :smiley:

Thanks for the info about St. Catherine. I’m actually looking for some help in the area of working on my dissertation. So St. Catherine and I should become best buddies as she helps this single mother who is also a student :thumbsup: Totally awesome! Thank you, God, for the gift of the communion of saints!



On St. Catherine’s Day, it is customary for unmarried women to pray for husbands, and to honor women who’ve reached 25 years of age but haven’t married – called “Catherinettes” in France. Catherinettes send postcards to each other, and friends of the Catherinettes make hats for them – traditionally using the colors yellow (faith) and green (wisdom), often outrageous – and crown them for the day. Pilgrimage is made to St. Catherine’s statue, and she is asked to intercede in finding husbands for the unmarried lest they “don St. Catherine’s bonnet” and become spinsters. The Catherinettes are supposed to wear the hat all day long, and they are usually feted with a meal among friends. Because of this hat-wearing custom, French milliners have big parades to show off their wares on this day.

Oh my goodness, this has SO MANY possibilities!!!

HAT PARTY on Wednesday! :extrahappy: My house! 7:00am sharp. Mass at 8:00am (donning hats, of course). Now, what married people want to give us dinner? :smiley:

Thanks so much for the wonderful link!



I love the idea of the hats, and free food is always good.


[quote="Mintaka, post:1, topic:177349"]

"A husband, St. Catherine;
A handsome one, St. Catherine;
A rich one, St. Catherine;
A nice one, St. Catherine;
And soon, St. Catherine!"


I'm working on the "rich" part.


From the website

The French say that before a girl reaches 25, she prays: “Lord, give me a well-situated husband. Let him be gentle, rich, generous, and pleasant!”

After 25, she prays: “Lord, one who’s bearable, or who can at least pass as bearable in the world!”

And when she’s pushing 30: “Send whatever you want, Lord; I’ll take it!”

So what does a woman pray who’s over 40? :shrug:
“Dear Lord…oh, never mind. I’ll just get a dog.”

Chevalier, my advice to you might be to quit working on being rich and just find a rich woman over the age of 30! :smiley:

OK, I need to stop now before my silliness consumes me.



[quote="Gertabelle, post:7, topic:177349"]
Chevalier, my advice to you might be to quit working on being rich and just find a rich woman over the age of 30! :D


Yes, that's the plan for when I'm spent and 60! :D


I love all these cute little prayers!

I have a cool St. Catherine story.

About 8-9 months ago, I joined a group that does role playing (along with fighting with swords made from foam, but thats another story). Our theme is The Knights Templar. When I was coming up with a character for myself, I turned to saint's from that era for help with my name (I was playing a nun by the way*)
Well, I came across St. Catherine of Alexandria. I loved her bravery and dedication, which seemed fitting for a Knight, and when I learned she was one of the saints who spoke to Joan of Arc, i just had to pick her name, so I became Sr. Catherine.
Now, all this time, I'm single (and fresh out of an all girls high school) so I was quite interested in finding a boyfriend, and praying for God to send a good man my way (didn't know about the tradition of praying to St. Catherine for this, ironically).
A few months into this, my Templar friends and I go to this big event, and it's the first time I get to meet all the members of our group. One of the guys and I pretty much instantly hit it off. We've been dating for 5 months now.

Now, when we met, we were both going by our character names, I as Sr. Catherine, and he as... ALEXANDER!
I didn't realize this until I was telling my boyfriend about this thread 10 minutes ago. So I'm thinking St. Catherine may have had a hand in this :) and I am quite glad if she did

for anyone worried about any disrespect or scandal concerned with playing a nun (we actually have a "priest" as well) I can assure there is none. We have strict rules about behavior (especially having to do with making a mockery of Christianity), and if anyone breaks them they are kicked out of the group. My boyfriend and I know that when we are in character, there is *no PDA or we will be "stoned" to death for the heretical adulterers we are.


I like this prayer.





I hear all the time that women can’t find a man. And yet, I know lots of good men who would make great husbands and fathers, who have no one, and are very lonely. Personally I have given up, but there are still lots of men out there that deserve to be in a relationship, but who are consistently overlooked. I’ve read hundreds of men’s profiles on dating sites and talked to men dozens in person, all are good looking, well mannered, responsible men. The problem is that they are “nice”. It is a huge turn off. When you meet these men, your brain immediately puts them in the “not attractive” category because they are nice. I read a statistic today that said that 70% of women are not interested in dating a man less than 6’. Only 14.5% of men are 6’ or taller. (this statistic is consistent with 3 years of my own research) Do you see the problem? You will say in response that height or niceness is not something you consider, but that IS my POINT! This all happens outside your awareness. St. Catherine and most likely God has sent many men into your lives that could lead to a wonderful marriage. But you overlook them because you don’t feel “attracted” to them. Stop listening to the butterflies in your stomach that you want to feel when you are with someone. Butterflies flutter away. They are not love. Love is sacrificial in nature, those feelings of “attraction” are not about love. Any relationship that relies on them, will die. Try looking around at who God may want you to begin a relationship with, not who you are attracted to or not. He knows much better than you what is good for you.


Please don’t put this all on the ladies. It goes both ways. Several pf these good potential husbands are looking for Catholic Barbie. I’d venture to say men are pickier when it comes to looks.


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