Single life


I am a retired Catholic who chose to remain single. I would be interested in reading what others thing are the advantages of the single life.


For me, it’s the advantage of coming and going when I please. I love being able to hike and camp for days on end with just my dogs. I’ll tell a buddy my plans, and then I’m gone. I love, love, love that. I like being able to watch the ball game on TV, blast Metallica, and have my friends come to my house and do the same. I like being in charge of my own life-I like being able to read without feeling that I’m ignoring someone-spend time on the internet, meet new people, the like.

I also like to meet new women and flirt-both things married people shouldn’t do! :wink:


I heartily agree with Rascalking, except about the camping part, and the only having one dog part (how sad :p )

There is a lot of independence in living single, and I've learned so much and grown so much over the years. I would have missed out on a lot if I had gotten married. But unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), I've very set in my ways, and very comfortable in my ways.

I might adopt later, but right now, I'm satisfied and have my hands quite full. Maybe I'll meet someone after I graduate, but I'm not going to rush it because although I'm no spring chicken, once is once, and that's it.


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