Single mother, 21, hanged herself to Ed Sheeran song Small Bump after being haunted by her decision to have an abortion


**Single mother, 21, hanged herself to Ed Sheeran song Small Bump after being haunted by her decision to have an abortion

A young mother was left so haunted by her decision to abort an unborn child that she hanged herself while listening to an Ed Sheeran song about the heartbreak of miscarriage.

Jade Rees, 21, had a termination when her five month relationship with the baby’s father broke down and he began dating another woman.**

But the mother-of-one’s decision left her ‘upset and distressed’ - and three weeks later she took her own life.

Miss Rees left handwritten notes addressed to her parents and two-year-old son, explaining the struggle she had faced since the devastating procedure, in which she stressed that her little boy ‘means everything to me’.

She died while listening to the Ed Sheeran song Small Bump - a first person account of a miscarried child, written from the point of view of one of the songwriter’s closest friends.

An inquest into her death revealed Miss Rees, from Oldham, Greater Manchester, had a history of eating disorders and had battled depression since she was just 14.

She had been prescribed antidepressants after being diagnosed with anorexia but was taken off the tablets when she fell pregnant with her son in 2013.

Although she split from the boy’s father when she was just four months pregnant, the then teenager coped ‘exceptionally well’ as a doting single mother.

She met her most recent boyfriend in early 2015 but they split after she became pregnant with his child. Her pregnancy was terminated in October. It is not known how far gone she was at the time of the procedure.

The Heywood hearing was told Miss Rees’ mental state worsened when she visited a pub she used to frequent with her ex-partner - only to discover he had asked the landlord to bar her.

She then overdosed on prescription and over the counter pills twice in 48 hours. On the second occasion her father had to rush her to Royal Oldham Hospital’s A&E department, where she stayed for two days before being declared medically fit for discharge.

Doctors did however refer her to psychiatric services for a full and thorough assessment.


Offering the Chaplet of Divine Mercy for her. Praying that God has mercy on her troubled soul and that He comforts her family in their time of grief.


:signofcross::gopray:Oh, God, please, forgive her her sins…

And imagine how many women just perform abortions without a slightest blink of an eye…:bighanky:


Very, very sad. Prayers for the baby who was killed, the boy now an orphan, and for the young woman who tragically took her life. May God’s will and mercy rain down upon them all.




Praying for the repose of this woman’s soul & for her lost baby. Praying for her family.



And I am also wondering how long before cases like this are used to silence the pro-life argument.


What a tragedy. I will also offer a chaplet for her and her grieving family.




Praying for her. I do hope those people who think abortion empowers and is good for women read the article and realize the heartbreak that abortion causes.


Praying for this tortured young mother who led a terrible misguided lifestyle. May Jesus bring her to His Mercy and Comfort. Pray for all the young women who have been led to the ignorance of evil - causing society to teach them they are functioning objects of sexual lust. Nudity, music, drugs, alcohol, films, every immoral approach to reduce the person of women has been saturating their minds and souls. Failed marriages, broken homes, and the dismissal of respect for the sanctity of man and woman bonded in matrimony, are imbedded in our current society.

This young woman is a picture of all that is described above. Pray for all women to convert their lives and their children’s lives. Pray they begin through Jesus!

Pray that we never abandon our efforts to recover the lost goodness of our young.


So sad. Will pray for all involved.


So many eloquent, touching prayers from CAF posters here for this tragic young woman and her family. I second them all. Amen.


Praying for her and her family. How very tragic.


AMEN! :signofcross::gopray2:


I will do the same.

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