Single Parent Needing Help

My name is Steve and I need financial help at this time please come to my page and read my story I swear to you it’s not spam I am in real need of donations of any amount you can give is all I ask please.

My Page->

Thanks :slight_smile:
And God Bless U!


you have a really sad story, I hope someone can support (other than a 15 yr old) and donate money for you


It’s spam, man. There’s also one other troll currently on CAF, in the Sacred Scripture section. We get these types of trolls every so often.

how do u know if it is a troll though? it could just be a fellow in need?


A single off tropic post asking for money = scammer. No doubt about it. Many grifters target the faithful and try to use guilt as oppose to greed to get us to respond.

You seem to have enough $$ for a snazzy website, so to be honest, I’m leary.
You need to find reseources in your community, and find help in a more traditional way, if in fact you need it.


I am not a troll sir I am in need of help I never asked for money from anyone I always had a job maybe if the shoe was on the other foot you would know how it feels :frowning: and it’s a free website I paid nothing for it.


You know Steve, I’ve been unemployed now for over year and there is no light at the end of the tunnel for me in finding a job - **ANY **job -

My funds have been depleted for quite some time - I have a friend who is somewhat well to do and he pays my mortgage, and bills until I can get on my feet.

I also have some friends who give me food -

I also run errands for some elderly and they give me a few $'s here and there.

I believe coming on to a forum and asking for funds is a bit cheesy -

I wish you well.

I’ve given to church’s all my life and helped people when I could and now
when I am in need I get turned away how rude I wish I had my Job still
and I wouldn’t have to ask anyone for money there are you all happy now Jesus.


Puzzled here… :confused:

If you are a catholic as your profile states, why come to the Non-Catholic sub forum to post your needs for funds??? :confused:

Second, have your gone to your church and talked to your priest about your financial situation?

They can do bake sales, such as cakes, pies and cookies and give you some of the proceeds.

Quite a bit of churches have food pantries, free for the needy

They also have a thrift shop of used clothing and such and most of the times if the “case” is desparate, you get it for free.

Or you can do as I, stand on the corner with a sign in - will work for **any **wage - and be humble.

Once again, I wish you well.


We all have burdens and challenges we are faced on a daily basis. I too wish I still had my job, but it’s not happening.

I too wish that instead of sitting here on CAF typing on a forum, was sitting in an office doing I.T. work.

I too for many years gave to charities, church, cancer institutes, St. Jude’s, American Heart Association, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Veterans and many more, but alas, they are not there to help me.

My brother with 5 children lost his job and his house is under foreclosure. He has been working now 3 jobs in restaurants washing dishes on all sorts of shifts to make a few dollars.

People do what they must do - don’t give up -

Set up a table and sell of your “stuff” - sell some of your kids toys -

May your situation get better soon!

I figured I would get some attention if I posted here and I have done all you’ve said but they can’t help with money. I am only asking for donation’s until I get caught up with my rent and bills and I’ll be ok again I am out everyday looking for work.


Since this is a non-Catholic board, it seems that the question would be, who is more likely to contribute money to a stranger with unproven need, a Catholic or a non-Catholic Christian individual?

Jesus tells us to help the poor and strangers, and poor strangers. As a Christian, do you see this request as a chance to live the Gospel? Should we accept the request at face value? Should we give “Steve” the benefit of the doubt? Is it Christ-like to assume that he’s a faker? Or is it being Net savvy?

IMO, it’s being Net savvy. I think non-Catholic Christian individuals would be more likely to donate money without proof that the person is legit. I think they’re more willing to take a loss in favor of applying the Gospel when they can. I think Catholics are more likely to press for the truth and won’t give until they’re as sure as they can be that the person isn’t a con-man. Also, Catholic Charities is huge. There are plenty of programs to help people, and there’s charity directly from the parish (which Catholics pay for), and I think a Catholic would be more likely to refer a person to the established Catholic Charity source than hand over money to a stranger.


If you are truly in need, go to your local church. Ask them if they have a St Vincent de Paul society. Call the local food bank, United Way and any other charity.

I don’t think anyone here will donate via your web site. :shrug:

Giving money to a poor stranger is one thing, but a credit card over the net to an unknown is, well, ill-advised. And I think the range of willingness to give is not related to denomination or tradition. That said, Catholic Charities is a shining example of helping the least of God’s children.

Originally Posted by Steve5809
I’ve given to church’s all my life and helped people when I could and now
when I am in need I get turned away how rude I wish I had my Job still
and I wouldn’t have to ask anyone for money there are you all happy now Jesus.

I’m sorry you’ve had that experience. I encourage you to seek assistance in your home community, and you have my prayers.



Grifters, especially those whho work communities of faith know their marks. They’ve studied enough to use the right terms against you. It is one thing if the OP was a posting member of this internet community but to come in cold, well it reminds me of the “homeless” who show up at churches on their circut every weekend a social event is planned at the various denominations to take home food.

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