Single Vocation Struggle


I think God wants me to commit to the single life, but I am concerned that I am weak; because there is no social or religious formal barrier to my getting married (such as there would be were I to enter the clergy), I will be tempted to seek romantic relationships.

This is not necessarily a concern that I will commit some sin, but that I will seek out marriage if I am single, when I know that I should not marry (for reasons which are my own).

Is there some way to commit to the single life in a way that carries a sacramental or social sign ? It seems as though the single life is seen as a temporary (if important) state by most members of the Church.

PS I am not called to the religious or priestly life either for reasons which are my own.


You might be called to join a secular institute. Check out this website from the United States Conference of Secular Institutes. And talk with your pastor.

God bless you!



Thank you; I will look into these!


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