Singles conference in San Deigo


Has anyone hear ever attend a National Catholic Singles Conference? I attended last year and plan on attending again this year (June 27-29). It is a wonderful conference, with Mass, adoration, confession, wonderful speakers and beautiful music.
Of course the number of women outnumbered the men. Oh where or where are all the good Catholic men hiding?


This picture from last year (although I’d have to cross an ocean to attend) doesn’t exactly scream ‘Catholic’ to me :wink:

Is it organised by the Church, or just the laity?

Oh where or where are all the good Catholic men hiding?

Usually behind one of these :eek: :

or their wives :wink:


I attended the first Catholic Singles Conference in Denver years ago.

I really believe that your comment on one snap shot was a VERY ill-informed representation of the conference. I don’t see what you believe is so offensive in this picture. What is un-Catholic about this picture? Are you implying that Catholics can not have FUN??? From personal experience from attending one of these conferences let me assure you that the events sponsored by the conference staff are VERY Catholic.

My second comment is based on your second comment. Are you telling us that every good Catholic man is either a priest or married??? That there are no good single Catholic men??? Again I believe this is a VERY ill-informed representation of single Catholic men.


To me, the picture screams “You’re thirty years too old to even think about attending this conference.” :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


Hey, JAT, I think you’re right :o ,

After browsing through the rest of the pictures, it actually looks like a really nice event.

And it wasn’t necessarily ‘offensive’ to me, I just figured Catholic women would cover up their shoulders, and not have skirts above the knee.

I know that this picture is not representative, but it is the conferences’ own choice of picture?

And regarding good Catholic men: I did qualify that statement with the word ‘usually’, and it was supposed to be a little light hearted (I used smilies! :stuck_out_tongue: :tiphat: ).

Sorry for causing you any angst :blushing:

[quote=CarolAnnSFO]To me, the picture screams “You’re thirty years too old to even think about attending this conference.”


How about this one?


Much better! Now, I’m only about fifteen years too old!

:dancing: :dancing: :dancing:


No angst, just wanted to correct you on what I believed was your misrepresentation of the event. Personally to me, when I attended this event I believe it was the single best spiritual movement in my adult life. Basically, it got me off my tush and made me realize that I needed to practice my faith within the teachings of the Church. :smiley: And I could have a lot of FUN doing that!!


I was amazed at how much I enjoyed the conference last year. The Masses were beautiful, and led by the Bishop of San Deigo no less (the Sunday Mass). There were nuns there as spiritual leaders. It was amazing to me to start my morning off with Praise and Worship, can’t think of a better way to start my day.

That first picture was taken at the social night. I didn’t attend because I met a friend for dinner who lives in San Deigo. When I came back to the hotel I was dissappointed I didn’t attend as it looked like a blast. This year I am staying for the social night.

As far as the ages go, I would say the majority of people that attended the conference are in their 30’s and 40’s. There were tons of people there also, I think more than 600. Sure made me feel less alone as a single woman in my 30’s.


“Oh, Look a way Dixieland”:smiley:


Does anyone know if most people attend alone? (Meaning, without a friend, or anyone else). I would like to go, but I don’t know any single Catholics. I also would hate to feel awkward, sitting alone, etc. because that isn’t me.


I attended alone last year and it didn’t bother me one bit. I think there are lots of people that attend this conference alone. The way it is set up makes it comfortable for anyone - in my opinion.


My 28 year old bachelor son is home this weekend. I showed him this thread and the picture, and that ladies out numbered the men at this conference, and he wanted me to ask y’all what the catch is.


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