Single's Group


Does anyone want to start a singles group in here? I think it could be for singles but also those who are dating, engaged, and married and anyone who was or is single currently.



I know there is a single's group under the "Groups" tab. Let me see if I can find the link... But more groups the merrier! As long as alcohol is involved. :D

Here's the link, hope it works:

Sorry if it's isn't a hyperlink, my work computer is picky sometimes.



Irish people. :rolleyes::D


[quote="chevalier, post:4, topic:181329"]
Irish people. :rolleyes::D


We are the life of any party! :D


[quote="CountrySinger, post:5, topic:181329"]
We are the life of any party! :D


Oh yes, that's what I'm talking about. :D

In Polish, we have a saying that translates, "[man/woman] for dance and for the rosary," which is a high compliment. :D

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