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Our group is in the early stages of planning a retreat for Catholic singles in our area -- if you're in the Bryan/College Station and surrounding area and want info PM me and I'll get you added on our e-mail list.

I need some ideas for conference session ideas. We are wanting general topic ideas and ideas for break-out sessions for men and women separately. We are wanting to steer towards spiritual growth/development.

So please throw me your ideas. Marrieds, please feel free to give ideas of sessions you would have liked to hear about when you were single; but please remember this is for Catholic singles. As an example, there was a Christian conference that was held within the last month in our area and some of the speakers kept talking about things you could do with your spouse, how to help your spouse. There were complaints because, duh, this is a SINGLES conference. If we had spouses, we wouldn't be at a singles conference -- or at least you hope they wouldn't:D

If you feel more comfortable sending them privately, just PM me.

Thanks in advance!!!


As someone who has planned Catholic retreats, I am not sure you need to have sessions specific to single people. I run youth retreats the most and our topics are Jesus/God/Church specific as opposed to being on how to be a better teenager. Having an overall topic (Prayer, Eucharist, the Mass…) would help everything be more cohesive.

I just did a Google search and found this: You may not like it because it is from UT land (I used to live in Austin and enjoyed watching the rivalry).

What you need to find is presenters that will ‘meet’ the young adults where they are. People they can relate to. Father Leo is an example of a fabulous speaker.

Good luck and God bless!


See if this helps:


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See if this helps:


It does help -- I've actually been to one of their conferences, and it was fabulous. However, we do not have the money (since we are just starting out) to have the kind of speakers that come in for that conference -- would love to!!! We did get the DVD of the conference and are planning to work some of their talks in the retreat, but we don't want people to just sit in front of a DVD at a retreat. I'm hoping to get some ideas for some talks that we as laypeople and our deacon can work up ourselves.


LAN party is out of the question, I guess? :D

Good luck!


Call holy name retreat center in Houston. They just put one on for young adults and i went to one two years ago. It was awesome as it talked about Theology of the body and what it meant for singles but what was most important is we had confession mass and quite time. Don’t feel the need to fill it with stuff at all moments. Sometimes just playing games and talking to the other refreshers made me fel like ‘hey I am not alone in this.’

I live in Houston and not far from Bryan. There is a Houston young adult group on Facebook so if you want people feel free to post there as you will probaly get some takers depending on the weekend.


Matthew Kelly has a CD out about listening to God and becoming the best version of yourself. If I were single, I think it would be important not to get wound up in whether being single is a “vocation” or a “state”, or whether I wanted to get married or not or could get married or not, but to stress the habits that help us to listen to today’s call, to live it, and to make prudent plans for whatever might be in store.

I mean that rather than entrenching into “I’m not marrying because I have a vocation to be single” or “I’m single now, but I have no intention of staying this way”, to have the daily attitude, “What do you think I ought to do now, Lord? What are my directions for now?” and accepting where that takes you. That would include practical pointers on avoiding a narcissistic spirituality in which “What do you think I ought to do now, Lord?” isn’t an idolatry that is really asking ourselves, “What do I feel like doing now?”

So I guess I’m talking about practical tools and habits for discernment when you don’t have a spouse or a religious superior to force any issues or call you on your self-delusions.


If the retreat is intended for single people, I would recommend having seperate retreats for men and women.

-it allows the message and mediations to be tailored to the different sexes.
-it allows for more open and honest communication, as men and women both tend to be more reserved with what they say and less honest about what they really think in a mixed setting.
-it removes a possible occassion of sin of having folks of different sexes in situations that can lead to temptation- private time, "opening up", etc.



At the National Catholic Singles Conferences I’ve been to, there were separate break-out sessions for men and women.


I went to the National Catholic Singles conference years ago and they had a session on Theology of the Body I thought was very good. They just gave a short talk or summary of it but I still found it informative. There was also time set aside for individual prayer and reflection.

Good luck.


Some great ideas!!! Thank you!!! Keep 'em coming. We are having it at the Cenacle in Houston (more than likely) so I'll be working with their staff to hopefully have some speakers. I just needed some ideas for topics.

We're kind of steering away from the young Catholics -- we live in a college town, and there's lots in this area for single Catholics in that age range -- namely, St. Mary's :DMost of the singles in our group are not necessarily in the "young range" -- meaning we're all out of college. Most of us are in our late thirties and forties. By no means old just not what one considers the "young Catholics."

I am trying to pattern our retreat after the retreats I've been to with Ave Maria Singles and the National Catholic Singles Conference. Basically Friday night social time/Saturday sessions for both men and women together and break out gender-specific sessions and social Saturday night/Sunday mass, pack up and go home.


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