Sinlessness vs. Perfection

Jesus was most certainly fully man and fully divine. The two existed wholly and fully within, they did not impede one another, they were kept separate and distinct, and of course, we believe in this absolute truth. As He was fully divine, Jesus could do things exclusive to God (such as forgive sins and drive out demons Himself). He also did human things, like eat and bleed. Due to this hypostatic unity, Jesus was a sinless being - He experienced human emotions, like anger, but never sinned in his anger. While Jesus was indeed sinless, was He “perfect” as He was fully human? By this I mean that there is a difference between being sinless and perfect. For example, dropping a plate of food unintentionally is not a sin, but it’s not perfect. Curious to hear your thoughts on this.

Short answer: Yes. Perfect.

Best not to over-think it.


Jesus was PERFECT.IT IS A FACT​:joy::joy:
He was sinless.We are incapable of Being sinless.To me perfection goes hand to hand with sinlessness,its not the same,but not so diffrent either?

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Mary was sinless and she didn’t have that hypostatic unity


Good point actually, I forgot about that

In the things that mattered yes Jesus was perfect. Did He stub His toe , I’m sure he did. Did He fall down, I’m sure He did. But in the things of spirituality He was most definitely perfect, He couldn’t be otherwise.


Perfection means you are sinless and always in harmony with God’s will.

It has nothing to do with whether you drop a plate of food or stumble or always color inside the lines.


His perfection is spiritual so it cannot be expressed in human terms. Being sinless was a reflection of this perfection so not the same thing IMO.

Yes He was perfect God and perfect Man. His human nature is and will always be perfect.
When He was angry He was right to be angry, it wasn’t just an emotion that He needed to correct.
If He dropped a plate the plate had to be dropped.
Remember the parable of the fig tree. The fig would not bear fruit when Christ commanded the fig was bad.

To sin/commit moral evil is inconsistent with human nature as created-God did not create us to sin. But to error in other ways, to stumble and fall for example, is consistent with being human-we’re not super-human physically; we have limitations.

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