Sins in the past

I can recall a time when I was young, not sure how old I was but I remember doing something that is kind of embarrassing to say, and it might have been a sin but at the time I didn’t know bc I was so young. Would I need to confess this now, as I remembered it?

After I list my sins I say *for these sins and all the sins of my life I am truly sorry *because I did worry that maybe I hadn’t confessed something years ago.

If one forgets a* mortal sin* - and it is remembered later - one is to confess it in the next confession.

In your case though - you seem to be doubtful that it was mortal at the time. You might want to discuss this with a Priest in confession.

A good rule of thumb though for those who are not scrupulous is to confess doubtful mortal sins (noting there is doubt). (it can be good even from the fact of saying it -in the Sacrament as it is before God -be it the smallest venial sin).

a confessor can guide one too.

Remember also venial sins need not be confessed (they can be forgiven in many ways…prayer etc) though it is very very good to do so regularly (see the Catechism).

Cupcake given your past scrupulosity issues, it is best to put these thoughts out of your head. You were a young child, and you said yourself at that age you did not know it to be wrong. Be at peace and do not think of this again.

You’re right. Thank you so much!

. I’ve been getting better though with dealing with my scrupulosity :slight_smile:

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