Sins of the Internet

With reading alot of the post, and with questions I have seen in other places, does anybody know if there is a list, or a teaching, that is up-to-date with sins of the internet? Both moral and venial? Where would such subjects fall under…

  • masterbation
  • viewing pornography (x rated)
  • viewing nudity (r rated) (mardi gras type stuff)
  • viewing nude photography and art
  • paying for access to pornography (x rated) (so you are both viewing and supporting a company for their service)
  • paying for access to other nudity (r rated) so you are both viewing and supporting a company for their service)
  • lustful and sexual chat (IM, chatrooms, etc)
  • viewing webcam nudity
  • showing webcam nudity
  • internet false identity (lying who you are)
  • forwarding (such as in an email) nudity and obsene pics

these are a few I could think of off the bat. anybody have any others to add, please do so. do ALL of these fall under “moral”? or do some fall under “venial”. Thanks for your input! God Bless!

I was just told about another one I left out, that seems to be popular among teens… also it made me think of 2 more to add

  • “sexting” sending sexy/nude pics of yourself to others on cell phones
  • sharing sexy/immodested pics of yourself
  • sharing naked pics of yourself

Pray, pray, pray!

My friend Kevin, All of those above mentioned activities do not align themselves with the purpose of our gift of sexuality. Mortal of venial? Well, there is grave matter in most of what you mentioned and so you do have one of the three components for mortal sin.

The internet has destroyed relationships and lives. We should excercise prudence when choosing to use the internet. Out society is so saturated with sex that we don’t even recognize sin when it is sitting on our laps. It is sad but true. And I do feel sorry for the younger generation who will not have the ability to contrast right from wrong.

Sex is a gift from God and the least we can do is to use that gift within His will. None of what you describe represents His will…teachccd

teachccd, you are totally correct. Thank you for your comment. I guess I am looking for ammunition against these acts. God’s Will is not these things, your are correct. Technology, which can, and is, so good, can be, and is so much, used for wrong. But these days it is hard for a lot of people to tell the difference. Just like the seven sins just added by Vatican, the times are changing and we need to be up to speed with noticing sins. God’s Plan will never change, God will never change. The Church doesn’t need to keep up with the times, which SO many people think It should… but the times needs to keep up with The Church. But also, the information needs to get out there. I pray to St. John Bosco, who was always up-to-date and highly educated with technology, for his intercessions for the proper and Good (only God is Good) use of it. Thanks again!

There are other uses of the internet that are sinful - not all related to sex, of course!

Simple overuse of the internet, to the point where it affects work, relationships or creates other problems in your life.

Accessing internet at work when you shouldn’t be doing so.

‘Stealing’ internet access (eg via wireless appliances)

Lying about who you are, yes, and any other form of internet fraud as well, such as wrongfully accessing computer records that you don’t rightfully have access to.

Illegal downloading of music or movies - sinful where such is prohibited by law.

I say if anyone has any trouble with these things, then defenestrate the computer.

The internet provides an environment in which we can interact with people who we will never meet in “real life” and this often insulate us from the consequences of our actions. Having slipped into our internet persona, we can be rude and inconsiderate and we might at worst find ourselves banned from a few fora but we won’t face the social ostracism we would experience if we behaved so obnoxiously in the “real world.” The internet has the potential to bring out the worst in us while leaving a sense of apparent impunity.

I’d never argue heatedly with complete strangers in real life, but it has happened to me on the internet. This, thankfully, is a nice civilized forum and I don’t think I’ve witnessed any real problems with trolling on here, but there are plenty of places, and not just in the bowels of the interwebs, where things do get very unpleasant.

But all those screen names denote real human beings, and they deserve the same courtesy and charity online as they do if you met them in person.

What seven sins added by the Vatican?

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