question------ I am a catholic my wife isn’t – we were married by my home parish priest.
We will be celebrating our 45 anniversary soon. Can we repeat our vows with my wife’s minister?

Please advise

Not sure… but get permission from your Priest at the Catholic Church first.

Yes. A re-affirmation of wedding vows is a purely ceremonial act - it has no Sacramental aspect, and therefore could be done in any setting (and presided over by any minister).

But doing so might give onlookers the impression that you consider your wife’s faith “equal” to your own (which is a type of ‘scandal’). Hopefully, as a Catholic, you agree with the Church that She is the One True Church established by Jesus Christ. In pre-Vatican II days, Catholics were prohibited from attending non-Catholic religious services, specifically to avoid this “scandal” (folks might say, “hey - that Catholic is attending a Baptist service - that must mean that Catholics think that the Baptist church is equal to their own”).

The Catholic Church has no “equal.” Although the Church now permits Her members to participate in non-Catholic ceremonies, I think that the theological virtue of Prudence still needs to be considered.

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