Siri Theory and Third Secret of Fatima

Someone I know who attends an Society of St. Pius X church has been sending conspiracy-sounding things to me for months. As a Catholic who obeys the Church, I stopped responding to him long ago (well, to anything that has to do with SSPX) but this recent email says:

“Do you know about the third secret of Fatima? Do you know about the Siri Theory? If you did, you wouldn’t be going where you are you’d run far and fast. We have the documentative proof you seek to disabuse you of any misconceptions regarding Tradition and the Sacred Magisterium of Holy Mother Church, the deposit of Faith she has taught for 2,000 years.”

What in the world is he talking about??? :rolleyes: I really don’t want to get into it with him, because most of our conversations end with him calling me and my “Novus Ordo” church infidels (and then, of course, me getting mad at him…) so anyone who can tell me what absurdity he is referring to, thanks for your help.

I never heard of the siri theory until you posted it. I did a google search on it. It turns out that it is a conspiracy theory that says that when Pius XII died Cardinal Siri was elected as pope and he took the name Gregory XVII. This theory says that siri was forced to step down and John XIII was elected. So, what they are saying is that the popes since Pius XII are all Usurpers. They claim that there are FBI documents for this but they do not show anything so it seems like they have nothing they are basing this on. The sedevacantists use this conspiracy theory. The thing is that caardinals are sworn to silence about the conclaves under the penalty of excommunication so there has been no proof from them.

Check out for the message of Fatima (including the third secret, its interpretation, and theological commentary). Don’t know about the Siri Theory, but will try to find out and post here (if someone else doesn’t beat me to it).

[quote=jimmy] The sedevacantists use this conspiracy theory.

Thanks for the info. I should have done a search on it myself, I suppose, but I was afraid of getting back a lot of weird results and this friend of mine, well, I never know what he’s going to throw at me next. I should have expected as much.

And Erich, thanks for the link! :cool:

The third secret of Fatima is posted on the Vatican website (as shown by Erich) for everyone to read.

But the SSPX would rather engage in conspiracy theories to try to justify itself.

[quote=Cherub]…And Erich, thanks for the link…

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[quote=Erich]Guess that would have been worth a reputation point or two, if we still had them that is :thumbsup:

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