Sirius/XM Subscsribers - what are your presets?

For you Sirius/XM subscribers, what do you have for presets? I’m currently only an internet/phone subscriber, seriously considering getting a receiver for the car. Here is what I have for presets:

80’s on 8
Classic Rewind
The Bridge
Prime Country
The Highway
Red, White, & Booze
Mad Dog Radio
NFL Radio
MLB Radio
College Sports
The Catholic Channel
Hair Nation

Based on my presets, any channels that you would recommend? Other than for live events, the 4 letter network (ESPN) is irreleveant to me.

Yeah, I have a couple of these, but I’m deeply bummed that EWTN is not broadcast on my new XM package, and I have the full package. I guess it’s only for people who still have Sirius radio sets, or else I an listen on line. Big whoop. I can do that for free now at the EWTN website. I REALLY wanted EWTN in my car. I’ll be reducing my subscription to the lowest possible level that will give me Catholic Channel, (not very orthodox, except the morning guy), Fox News Talk, Patriot, POTUS, 70’s on 70, 80’s on 80, Willie’s Roadhouse, Symphony Hall, and Prime Country. :frowning:

What do you mean by the Catholic Channel being not very orthodox, you mean too contempoary in it’s programming? The channel is programmed by the Arch-Diocese of New York. The Catholic Guy show is a total riot.

Classic Vinyl
Classic Rewind
The Bridge
Prime Country
The Message
Catholic Channel
Fox News

I too wish we had EWTN on XM- listen to it in my office.

Classic Vinyl
Classic Rewind
The Bridge
60’s on 6
70’s on 7
80’s on 8

Hey, just so you know, if you plan on getting a radio for your car, you’ll be forced to choose between Sirius hardware/service or XM hardware/service. There are full-on SiriusXM radios (the Lynx and the Edge) which have access to the internet channels but you have to have access to Wi-Fi, so for the car you’d still have to choose. Plus SiriusXM radios are wayyyyy more money than, say, the XM Onyx right now:

The difference between the two services (no they haven’t done a good job of merging have they? lol) is that, when XM first started the terrestrial giant Clear Channel invested in them, so XM has to carry Clear Channel content: therefore, you get some extra talk and music channels (simulcasts of New York pop stations, and two talk channels called Talk Radio and America’s Talk). There are also discrepancies between the Canadian channels they offer. I like XM because the sound quality on there hardware is much better than that of Sirius. Also, with Talk Radio I get Dave Ramsey and with America’s Talk I get Leo Laporte.

Just sayin’. :stuck_out_tongue:


90s on 9

The Pulse

106.7 LITE FM (WLTW New York) (RECOMMENDED if you like mainstream lite pop/rock)


Underground Garage (RECOMMENDED)


The Loft




Sirius XMU

Ozzy’s Boneyard

Liquid Metal

The Joint

Electric Area


Watercolors (RECOMMENDED)

Real Jazz

Spa (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, some amazing ambiance pieces on here)

Howard 101 (yeah I know. No, I’m not a huge fan, but he’s pretty entertaining sometimes and occasionally makes some good points)

The Opie & Anthony Channel (yes…I know. Same as Howard though. Actually these days O&A and Ron & Fez are more quality than Howard, who appears not to care that much about his job anymore)


The Catholic Channel

SiriusXM 1st Traffic & Weather (for Detroit & Chicago)

Extreme Talk

Some of these channels I just have to provide background noise or when there’s nothing else to listen to, which is rare. Also some of these channels I didn’t recommend even though I love them because they are more niche channels (like the Boneyard).

I DO love it when Cardinal Dolan comes on any of the shows. I love Seize the Day with Gus Lloyd. The Catholics next door and Busted Halo’s are okay, I guess. I really like the rosary decade that they do on Catholics Next Door. But Catholic Guy? I’m sorry. I just don’t get it. If it’s somehow bringing some folks to the table who would not otherwise be there, then God bless them. It’s just not for me. And it seems to almost always be on. How long is that show anyway? I don’t doubt that Lino is a fine Catholic. Please don’t take offense. It’s my understanding that he was even discerning a vocation for a while, or maybe still is. He’s been around for a long time doing different projects, and I think he may appeal to some youth. I just find him REALLY annoying. I don’t find the show funny at all, (or at least very rarely), and his Priest sidekick (Father Rob?) is more annoying to me than Lino. It’s just nearly agony for me. I have to surf during this huge chunk of the day, whereas when I had a Sirius radio set in the beginning, I just basically kept it on EWTN. I’m just an EWTN guy, and the XM people were a little bit dishonest with me until after my purchase. We all have different tastes I guess. I have heard many many things on The Catholic Guy which in MY opinion, go way over the top, and seem to me to be sending the wrong message. I’m always confused that Cardinal Dolan is supportive of this show and it’s material. Anyway, don’t be upset. It’s just my taste, and where I’m at with my faith, I suppose. If the show is helping somebody get to the pew on Sunday, then long live the Catholic Guy.



Cool question:

  1. 129-Catholic Channel (suprise, suprise)
  2. 79-Disney Channel (I have a 3 and 1 1/2 year old)
  3. 25-Classic Rewind I think?
  4. 26-Classic Vinyl I think?
  5. 10-The Pulse
  6. 7-70’s on 7

Wish I had sirius so I had EWTN. I have the internet add on so I get to listen to EWTN at work, but not in the car. I still don’t understand why they only have it on the internet and not on the actual radio.

AMEN! If Archbishop Dolan approves then I think it’s hard to argue with. I listen to Lino every day on my way home. He and Father Rob make me laugh out loud every single day. I know the people around me think I am crazy because many times I can’t even contain my laughter!

I like Lino (even if he does have a giant nose :p). He’s quite funny, he always reminds me that Catholicism is a faith full of joy.

I haven’t listed for a while though. Is Fr. Rob on full time now? What happened to Fr. Jim I wonder. It’s the Afternoon drive show, so it’s on from 4-7pm (Eastern Time) with a repeat from 10-1am (Easter Time).

I believe Lino was in Seminary at one time, but dropped out (of Seminary), but still ended up with some kind of theology degree. Is he still angsting about his vocation? I remember him trying to figure that out in 2010, I thought he would have figured that out by now. I think he might have to accept he’s called to single life at this point.

Anyways, my presets:
16 - The Blend
10 - The Pulse
63 - The Message (mostly I listen to this)
129 - The Catholic Channel (I have spent many hours listening to this)
75 - Pops
118 - BBC World Service
115 - CNN

Fr. Rob is full time, Fr. Jim filled in one day last week.

PRX Public Radio


NPR Talk

BBC World Service

Now if only I could remember which one is which. :o

One’s a parish priest and the other is a campus chaplain, or something like that, right?

Catholic Channel
Fox News
Classical music channels
Blues Channel
Radio Classics

I’m currently only an internet/phone subscriber, seriously considering getting a receiver for the car. Here is what I have for presets:

I have 2 set of presets

the Catholic Channel
The message
80s on 8
one of the soul music type channels don’t remember what
one of the Jazz Channels
seriously Sinatra

the other 5 are all sports channels.


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