Sis coming to Easter Vigil

I will be becoming catholic at easter vigil (hopefully) and so I told my sister that she should come. Before this she was saying she would like to go to church, but thinks people will think shes a joke. Probably because of her appearance, having some tattoos and piercings. She has also disliked any religion before, but of course no one can know this just by looking at her!

I’ve never actually seen anyone around with tattoos or piercings at church, but I don’t see this as a problem. I also told her that with me around, no one is going to get in her way, because she’s my sister.

I really hope if she goes to church, people won’t be judgmental or rude, because she doesn’t need that!

Any thoughts?

Yes, kindly instruct her that Catholics are as weak as the average person. If she gets stares on the street, do not expect not to receive stares in the Church. But also kindly remind her that her savior, JESUS was also pierced - for her - then welcome her home as she is being drawn through you to JESUS.

joyfulseraph: I suppose people being people she may get some stares.Doesnt she get stares when she goes other places?I try to persuade her to be less self conscience.Like you said,its your day.Get her to focus on you and the initiation.Maybe someone will be polite and congratulate you personally and welcome both of you to the church.

I think it’s only natural for some people to “stare” or think something negative about someone with tattoos or piercings, at least it’s like that for me, but I’ve grown to accept it because of my sister, and I know that people are much more than their appearances!

Thanks. :slight_smile:

If peoples focus is on the Eucharist where it should be then they probably will not even notice your sister if it is not then They are not even worth worrying about.

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