Sister Christina


What do you think of the singer of Sour Cristina?
I heard a talk on sensus fidelum on her.
Some notes
I don’t see how she dances innaporite.
Perhaps she is singing to spread her love for Christ.

And maybe a like a virgin video is a metaphor I don’t know what do you think.


I don’t see it the way the priest narrating the video sees it’s either.
I see it the way you do and I didn’t see any immodest or inappropriate dancing or clothing and I don’t think her hugging a male judge was immodest.
The hug was not ‘sexual’ or done as man-woman romantic way- it was just natural human hug of joy and excitement.
Unfortunately some people will see immodesty and sexualness even in innocent things.

In a world at the height of singers with “boobs and bums” out,I think Sister Christina is being a beautiful witness to the world of Jesus and Christianity.

Her Like a Virgin version is about a nun being “touched” by the love of Jesus/God for the first time not by a man in a sexual way.
I think it’s meant to be very counterculture-ie:Madonnas ‘way’ leads to one path,and the Nuns way leads to another.

That’s how I see it anyway.


They actually have some musical versions of Song of Songs, but they aren’t that musically appealing. Palestrina’s polyphonies just don’t work for me.


I think that the priest narrating the video is absolutely right, and that those disagreeing with Father are wrong. As she is singing, people around her are moving suggestively, 8:06 for one example, tempting Christians to commit the mortal sin of lust. As Jesus said in Matthew 5:28: But I say to you, that whosoever shall look on a woman lustfully, hath already committed adultery with her in his heart.
I haven’t heard of Russian Orthodox priests engaging in break dancing or rapping.


Break dancing and rapping aren’t sins.


I posted this as a youtube comment when I first saw the video:

This is why I don’t like this channel (sensusfidelium) sometimes. There’s nothing sinful with Sr. Cristina singing pop music. It’s just music. And she wasn’t dressing or dancing immodestly. Furthermore, there’s nothing wrong with beatboxing seminarians or rapping priests either. Or watching secular tv shows. It’s not what goes into a man which defiles him but what goes out of a man.

#9 here you go


I agree with the priest.


I haven’t seen the video clip of this song but I have seen the one when she sings the song “I’ve had the time of my life” and the dancers wern’t dancing suggestively there.
Maybe in the one that the priest is criticising the men’s shirts might be a bit too sexy/low cut but relatively speaking compared to most things today it seems pretty tame.

I think the Nuns greatest challenge will be to remain staying true to herself and God when celebrities want to sing or dance with her etc because they like the “novelty factor” or omg or taboo factor.
Eg:maybe the celebs will like her even more if she plays the “cool nun role” for them and dances or acts sexy then they can go “wow look this sexy nun” but at that point she will have become a sellout.
So I pray for God to keep her on His path.

There can be a fine line between bringing God into the world of the “modern people’s” vs giving the impression that you have become one of the “worldly” people and self indulgent.

Doing for God=good
Doing for self=bad
(In the case for a nun or priest)


You mean swinging your hips? I thought that was okay.


We’re talking about a woman who had the permission of her mother superior to do what she did and here is some priest who doesn’t even know her personally judging her


Do you think it seems suggestive somehow?


I think so.


The problem is that is it really her vocation be be singing or is it to the religious life? It seems like she wants the best of both worlds. There are some things I agree on that video, but I do find other things that I disagree.


The character of the video is quite different. In the Orthodox video there is no suggestive dancing inciting one to commit the mortal sin of lust, whereas in the Roman Catholic video we see incitement to lust at various points of Sister’s performance.
You do agree that adultery is a mortal sin, no?


She wasn’t dancing suggestively

and dare I say it, maybe she wasn’t dancing to incite men to lust. Maybe she was singing and dancing for God.

One could even pole dance if one’s intentions were pure


From what I saw, I would agree with you. I was talking about her entourage.


so you’re saying it’s wrong for a nun to be in the company of sinners?

tell that to Christ then

I still don’t get why this conversation matters. She did nothing wrong.


She should have some control over them and prevent them from dancing like that if they were dancing in that sort of way.


Maybe she didn’t have control over them

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