Sister Historians of the Order of Preachers


Not sure if they are a religious community or secular institute. Interesting charism, nonetheless.

Mrs Cloisters OP
Lay Dominican


They are neither a community nor a secular institute. They are an association of Dominican sisters, focused largely on doing history in a scholarly and professional manner. Their US Members (OPUS) are headquartered at Dominican University outside of Chicago, at the Nona McGreal Center (Nona was a Sinsinawa Dominican and a distinguished historian). Fanjeaux sponsors periodic history workshops for international groups of Dominican sisters; several of my friends just returned from the one this year, and said it was great. I met the sister who runs SHOP at an OPUS conference a few years ago, where we both gave keynotes.


Thank you for the clarification. Since it had something to do with history, I had a hunch that you’d know something about it.


“The S.H.O.P. Association has been present in Fanjeaux since June 2007, with the aim of creating a library and research facility dedicated to the history of Dominican women throughout the ages and in all parts of the world.”



Wow. If I wasn’t married and orthodox, I would ask to join immediately :heart::heart:


This is not a community! This is a professional association.


I see, but I thought the members are sisters? Or do they just research on Dominican sisters?


Third Orders would be welcome as well, I think…


I believe she is saying that you’d have to be a professed member of a Dominican community as well as a professional historian before you could become a member of this group.

I wonder if there are any Lay Dominican historians in the group?


I’m a historian, but I’m not Roman Catholic plus I’m in Germany, so I think I’m out … But it’s wonderful that they exist!


The actual members of SHOP are sisters. Their resources are accessible to other historians, and their historical courses and so on are open to Dominican sisters who are not historians. Clearly, there is professional collaboration with other scholars, which is how I’ve come to know Sr. Barbara (director of SHOP) and various other members (I’m not a Dominican). But the membership itself is, as the name suggests, open to “Sister Historians of the Order of Preachers.” I’m honestly not sure about Secular Dominicans or Associates of religious congregations. If anyone is really interested, they could write to Barbara; she’s very helpful. [She’s British, although she was professed in a Belgian monastery (the SHOP site lists her as being from Fatima, Portugal–not sure what that’s about).]

Anyone, of course, can purchase their publications… I don’t know if anyone can enroll in their distance-learning modules.


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